Weatherford Democrat

April 15, 2014

FM 5 intersection makeover

Weatherford Democrat


City of Willow Park officials were recently told that a planned reconstruction of the intersection of Interstate 20 frontage roads and FM Road 5 now has funding from the state and is moving ahead. The estimated $4 million project will add U-turn lanes or “Texas turnarounds” to the intersection and, in conjunction with a planned roadway project in Hudson Oaks, will result in one-way traffic on frontage roads west of FM 5, according to officials.

The project is estimated to be let in the summer of 2015, according to a TxDOT spokeswoman.

“It’s a real exciting project,” Willow Park City Administrator Matt Shaffstall said. “It’s a $4 million investment from TxDOT in the community.”

Willow Park officials said they were told that construction is expected to take nine months to a year.

“It’s on their radar, and it’s funded,” Shaffstall said about a recent meeting Mayor Richard Neverdousky and he had with area TxDOT staff. “That was probably the best part of the conversation. It’s not a planning document. It’s a TxDOT-funded document.”