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April 23, 2014

Aledo ISD School Board Place 6 candidates

Weatherford Democrat

— Early voting for the May 10 general election begins April 28. Following is information gathered from the candidates for the Place 6 Aledo ISD trustee race, incumbent David Davis and challenger Farida Goderya. The candidates have been invited to appear in a forum sponsored by the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs Committee at 7 p.m. Monday, April 28, in the cafeteria of Trinity Christian Academy.

David Davis, 51, has been married to his wife, Debbie Davis, for 26 years. The couple has four sons: Devin, 22, who attends Lindenwood University; Dayne, 20, who attends Harvard University; Daythan, 18, who is a senior at Aledo and will attend Southern Mississippi; and Dillon, 16, who is a freshman at Aledo. Debbie grew up in Aledo, and Davis’ hometown is Comanche, Texas. Both graduated from TCU. Davis has a degree in business marketing, and he has been a self-employed small business owner and rancher for many years. Members of the Davis family attend First Baptist Aledo, and Davis has been very involved in coaching and mentoring youth sports. He has been on the Aledo School Board for six years.


Q. What is the school district’s biggest problem, and how can you help solve it?

A. One of the larger challenges in the Aledo ISD is the growth that we will face over the next 10 years. I have been involved in shaping our district’s expanding footprint over the past years. I will continue to use the lessons learned to improve the way we grow into our future.

Q. What makes you the best candidate for school board?

A. I have six years experience in being a part of running a school district. The learning curve for someone new at this position is very time consuming and would take away from their ability to make an immediate impact. I believe my experience and knowledge of past challenges has me better prepared for the issues which lay ahead.  Also, because I have had four children in the Aledo school system, I am well informed about all areas of the district. All of this makes me the best candidate for the Aledo ISD.

Q. What steps can be taken to make Aledo ISD the best that it can be?

A. To make Aledo ISD the best it can be, we need to continue to diversify and improve the education opportunities for our students. As they get more real world experiences along with the highest quality instruction, this helps prepare them the best for college and/or their future occupation. Another key area is that we need to work very hard at recruiting, hiring, and retaining the highest quality educators possible.

Farida Goderya, 48, was born and raised in Pakistan, moved to the USA in 1989, became a naturalized US citizen in 2003 and moved to Aledo in 2006. She and her husband  researched the community and school system and chose Aledo ISD for its many attributes.

Goderya has been married to her husband for 25 years, and the couple has two children. Her son started at Aledo High School and graduated in 2010 as valedictorian. Her daughter started in kindergarten at Coder Elementary School and is currently in seventh grade at Aledo Middle School. By profession, Goderya is a civil engineer and specialized in water & wastewater engineering. She has been working for the City of Fort Worth Water Department since 2007.

Previous experiences include two years of teaching/research at university and eight years as a consultant/engineer with an engineering firm. Goderya has a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD in civil engineering and is registered as a professional engineer (P.E.) in Texas and Illinois. On a personal and community level, Goderya has been involved with many informal social and religious activities mainly revolving around her family and kids. With respect to professional activities, she is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the Water Environment Federation (WEF), the International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers (IOPWE), and NEDEAN NED Alumni of Texas (This is an Alumni association of graduates from NED University of Engineering & Technology, in Pakistani). She was recently selected to serve on the board of directors and as chair for NEDEAN.

Q. What is the school district’s biggest problem and how can you help solve it?

A. In my opinion, the biggest challenge facing the district is to accommodate growth as well as not to compromise the quality of Aledo ISD education and programs. I believe this can be mitigated by frequent evaluation of the strategic/growth plan and policies including management of the ISD; by keeping a balance between the education, academics and athletic programs; and by timely action.

Q. What makes you the best candidate for school board?

A. I (Farida Goderya) am the best candidate for the school board because:

• I have raised two kids who attended public schools, and I understand the challenges parents face in preparing and parenting our kids through the education system.

• I bring the unique perspective of a mother and a woman. The ISD will also benefit from women representation on the board as at least half of the student population is girls and more than 50 percent of the teacher population is female.

• My education, experiences, analytical and problem solving capability along with the perspective of an engineer, a university professor and a public sector employee will contribute to the Aledo ISD education system.

• I have a passion to serve/volunteer. I want to contribute back to the community as I have benefitted from it. I am a strong believer of doing the right thing.

• I am an avid team player, quick learner, methodical and organized individual.

• I will look at things objectively, without biases; I pride myself on being fair and rational.

• I have the ability to ask the right questions and solve complex matters by simplifying the approach. I am a big believer of the KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward or Keep it Short and Simple) principle.

Q. What steps should be taken to make Aledo ISD the best it can be?

A. Some of the things we can concentrate on:

• To make every effort to make all Aledo ISD schools Exemplary schools (currently most schools within Aledo ISD are rated as Recognized.) This would mean combined efforts of the whole team; teachers, parents, administrative staff and students.

• Strive to make all schools the place where all students and teachers look forward to come, each and every day.

• Have a greater parent involvement with ISD schools and kids’ affairs; I suggest making committees for a specific task and matter.

• Provide resources so students excel in science, math and technical fields.

• Expand the academic competitions that Aledo ISD takes part in.

• Provide opportunities to students to easily pursue higher education and/or skill trades.

• Prepare our students so they are equipped to compete in a changing/global job market.