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January 20, 2014

Movie stars shine on Aledo’s Front Street

Weatherford Democrat


Lights, Camera, Action! Aledo was once again bustling with Hollywood types Friday morning as Aledo Film Group CEO/Director Bill McAdams Jr. and crew wrapped up the final scene of “Gallows Road” in front of Chattel on Front Street.

Scenes from the inspirational faith-based drama have been shot on Walsh Ranch and in Weatherford, as well as in Aledo.

Ernie Hudson, best known for his comedic role in “Ghostbusters,” and Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” talked with reporters while workers prepared the set.

Hudson said he agreed to the film when McAdams, his friend, asked for his help. Hudson plays one of two brothers who open an antique store.

“Some unfortunate things are perpetrated on my character,” he said, “and I have to deal with it. I read the script [earlier] and liked it, and then Billy got in touch last year and said they were on.

“I like Billy, and I like his passion. He really cares about this story.”

Hudson was delighted with the weather in Aledo, having just shot a movie called “The Grim Sleeper” in Vancouver. Is Ghostbusters III a possibility?

“It will depend on Bill Murray,” he said. “Who knows if it will happen? It’s been 30 years. The fans have been amazing. It’s one of those rare movies that everybody remembers.”

Sorbo, who said he has made a lot of films in Texas, including the recent “Abel’s Field,” plays a rancher in “Gallows Road,” a God-fearing man who points the main character in the right direction.

“He gives him a second chance,” he said.

Sorbo, headed to Rwanda for a mission trip in the near future, has made several family-friendly films. Does he consider acting a ministry?

“I’ve always been a Christian,” he said, ”but not like a reborn guy. I grew up in it.”

Sorbo’s political views are on record as opposed to those of President Barack Obama, who he labels a socialist.

“I challenge you to show me where socialism has ever been successful,” he said. “Big government has never proven to be effective. The capitalist system works best.”

Aledo was selected as the site of “Gallows Road” after McAdams shared the screenplay that he wrote with his sister, Fort Worth resident Mary Jean “MJ” Bentley, founder and CEO of Little Faith Pictures.

“Aledo has everything — quaint shops, beautiful countryside, railroad tracks and a small town feel,” Bentley said. “The City of Aledo and the Aledo community have hands-down been so supportive.”

In addition to writing the screenplay and directing the film, McAdams will play the lead role of Jake Knight, while Bentley, the film’s producer, will play the supporting role of Carrie Knight.

Aledo Mayor Kit Marshall has a speaking role as the mayor of the town.

Executive producers of “Gallows Road” are Therese Moncrief, Howard Porter, Kay Porter and Grace McAdams.