Weatherford Democrat

April 29, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Letters to residents, town council

Weatherford Democrat

— ANNETTA — An open letter to the residents of Annetta.

Some members on the current town council have clearly stated they do not want growth in Annetta.  Indeed, the town’s mission statement says, “The Town of Annetta seeks to create and maintain a small, vibrant community, with a high standard of living where open spaces and scenic views are valued and conserved.” Residents of Deer Creek respect this dedication to a way of life. We are not seeking to interfere with this elite community’s lifestyle. We value your scenic views and open spaces as much as you do. We drive the same roads.

The Town of Annetta owns and oversees the operation of the water and sewer system residents in Deer Creek depend on to sustain our homes and families.  Most Deer Creek homeowners are not in the town limits or ETJ of Annetta.

Therefore, we are not allowed to vote on any decisions made by the town concerning water system improvements, maintenance or compliances.

At the current time, all sitting council members have private wells. Deer Creek residents feel our voice and ideas about the water system would be an asset to Annetta as we are the primary users.

A petition with 500 signatures of Deer Creek residents was presented to the Annetta council, twice, requesting a public hearing, for discussion about annexation.

All Democratic and legal procedures were followed. The council refused and denied the request, twice, without explanation.  

These circumstances have encouraged me to write this appeal to the residents of Annetta.

Please be aware of what is happening in your community, how your council is representing you, and what personal agendas the people in office may have. Is the council voicing your opinions, or their own? Please be active in your city council. Please vote for open-minded, progressive candidates in the next election that uphold and respect American democracy. We do not wish to degrade your beautiful community, we only wish a voice to protect all our property values and sustain our families’ well being.  We feel this will continue the beauty of Annetta and contribute much needed revenue to the town.

Annetta residents, please be proactive, not inactive and with your privilege to vote:

Vote for Bruce Pinckard, Chuck Sheridan, George Ripley and Kent Stasey May 11.

First for Annetta and First four on the ballot. They respect the legal system and Democratic values of America.

Cynthia Harrison

An open letter to the Annetta town council members.

In concern of recent actions, or lack thereof, I would like to state my thoughts. With the exception of Mayor Bruce Pinckard and Councilman Chuck Sheridan, the council has repeatedly denied residents of Deer Creek a legal representation about the operations of the water and sewer system Annetta owns.  After a very long-standing legal battle with Willow Park on the management of, (or lack thereof), the water system we use; we were extremely pleased Annetta rescued the plight of our water with the purchase of the water system.  Our water conditions have vastly improved to which we are very grateful. We thought we finally had a partner to work with.  We now realize our plight is only profitable numbers to your revenue bottom line. We were hoping for more.  Our concerns are for the future of our families’ well being, our property values and the continuation of sustaining and growing the success to the water/sewer system thus far.

We will continue to request the right to speak, to be heard, and to vote for decisions about a life necessity, our water.  Current council members are not on the water system.

There is a fine line of running your own company versus running a town.  The people of the town are the decision makers and your boss.  Your job is to listen and uphold the wishes of the majority.  Churches and companies promote growth to survive and thrive. They plan, and adjust to the growing pains that come with that as the path to the future unfolds.  Deer Creek residents are respectful of your desire to keep your community private and small.  We do not wish to exploit that. However, Annetta owns the water/sewer company that we are dependent on.

By requesting annexation, thus giving us the right to vote, we are only requesting the opportunity to work with you, united, toward a common goal. Instead, we are treated as your opposition and burden. The revenue Annetta gains from our water bills would hopefully be an incentive to allow us a legal voice you continue to deny us.  This is not a one group wins, one groups loses situation. Either we will all lose or we will all win. We are all a part of this community in Parker county and Aledo. You were voted into office by a democratic society to represent democracy and yet you deny this process.

Annetta residents, please be proactive, not inactive and with your privilege to vote:

Vote for Bruce Pinckard, Chuck Sheridan, George Ripley and Kent Stasey May 11.

First for Annetta and first four on the ballot.

Cynthia Harrison