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April 29, 2014

Two candidates for Place 2 in Town of Annetta

Weatherford Democrat

Annetta Town Council Place 2

Brian Scott Fibiger

Brian Fibiger, 45, is a licensed insurance and financial professional working for First Command Financial in their customer service center. He and his wife, Mary, have been married 19 years. The couple has two daughters. Ainsley, 12, is a student at McAnally. Aubrey, 5, will be starting at Stuard in the fall. Fibiger graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin in 1996 with a degree in Elementary Education. He is actively involved in his church, where he has served on the Mission & Ministry Board for the last few years, and he currently serves as congregation president.

Q. What is the Town of Annetta’s biggest problem and how can you help solve it?

Water will likely always be on the short list of major concerns facing not only Annetta, but our entire area. We need to ensure that all of Annetta’s residents continue to have access to sufficient water supplies, and that the town’s water system is maintained and upgraded to meet the future needs of the town. All of us need to be mindful that clean water is a limited resource. As our area continues to grow in population, we will need to work together to find ways to conserve our water resources.

Q. What makes you the best candidate for town council?

I have worked as part of a number of boards and committees to help make decisions that affect a larger number of people. I have always sought out the best information before making a decision, and I am experienced in working with groups made up of individuals holding differing opinions. I value everyone’s input and try to keep an open mind when considering differing opinions and options.

Q. What steps should be taken to make Annetta the best that it can be?

Annetta is a great place to live. I would like to see the town do a better job of keeping the residents informed of what is going on. This can be done by reinstating the town council meeting minutes on the town website and by making better use of the the town facebook page to share information. As Annetta continues to grow, I would like to see more events that bring the residents of Annetta together. I think we can look at some of the towns around us and learn from some of the community-building activities that we see taking place.

Annetta Town Council Place 2

Danny Coffman, 54, is an independent self-employed life and health insurance agent with 30 years of experience. He is married and has two daughters, one stepson, and three granddaughters. Coffman has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA.

He has lived in the community for 14 years. Coffman currently serves on the Aledo ISD education foundation board and on their finance and governance committee. He has been a board member of Aledo Athletics, Inc. for the last 12 years managing the concession stand and held leadership positions in the past as treasurer, vice president and fund raising chairman. He is a past board member of the Texas Perinatal Association.

Q: What is the Town of Annetta’s biggest problem and how can you help solve it?

A: Annetta’s biggest problem as well as its greatest asset is the water system. Ensuring adequate water supply should be a priority. This will require planning and foresight to allow for the growth of our community. Proper management of the water system is essential to limit negative impact on property values due to water restrictions. As a member of the Parker County Community Coalition (PCCC), I was intimately involved with addressing water issues from the time the water system was sold to Willow Park and fought hard for our voice to be heard. Through that process I gained a great deal of experience in the political and legal process.  

Q: What makes you the best candidate for town council?

A: I have been active in our community since moving here 14 years ago and am familiar with the local issues. I believe in rolling up my sleeves and going to work. This has meant joining as a volunteer for numerous non-profit agencies. But more importantly I have attended city council meetings as a concerned citizen, standing up to make sure our concerns are known and addressed. I will continue to stand up for what is right and represent all of those served by our city.

Q: What steps should be taken to make Annetta the best that it can be?

A: Making Annetta the best it can be will take cohesion among the city council members and mayor to address the needs and growth of our community. There is a need to provide and apply uniform city codes in collaboration with the North Texas Council of Governments. The city needs to look now at crime control through the Crime Control and Prevention District. We have to manage the growth of the town and the infrastructure to have sufficient water and safe roads while maintaining our rural lifestyle. More importantly, every citizen needs to get involved for Annetta to be the best city it can be. Attend city council meetings, show up for the public board and committee meetings. Be active and do your part. This quote from Thomas Jefferson sums it up, “That government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part.”