Weatherford Democrat

February 10, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Judge Johnson

Weatherford Democrat

— Letter to the Editor:

In the last several years, Judge Lynn Johnson has graciously opened her courtroom doors to Parker County Precinct 4 Office, in order to host over 200 Parker County Teen Court (PCTC) cases. PCTC is a volunteer program that allows teenage defendants to clear their records of “Class C” misdemeanor offenses. It also allows volunteer students to participate in the judicial system while earning service hours for such clubs as NHS. For example, the students take on the roles of jury, clerk, bailiff and attorneys for all PCTC trials. Judge Johnson’s contribution to this program had allowed PCTC to grow to over 45 volunteers participating in PCTC during this school year alone. She has recruited many local attorneys and council members to officiate trials, establishing successful volunteer judges and mentors to the student volunteers learning the trial processes. As well, Judge Johnson had worked with local precincts/courts to establish relationships in which the courts forward cases to be deliberated at PCTC. Parker County Teen Court is a tremendously successful program largely due to Judge Lynn Johnson’s involvement. I cannot imagine the program without her! Please vote to RE-ELECT JUDGE JOHNSON in the coming election to insure her continuing leadership in PCTC!

Perri McCranie

Volunteer Coordinator, PCTC