Weatherford Democrat

February 18, 2014

Fire truck, cars collide on icy night

Weatherford Democrat


A motorist exiting Interstate 20 at the Aledo exit around 9 p.m. Feb. 10  lost control of a four-door sedan on the icy ramp and careened into a fire truck parked on the service road, ESD No. 1 Assistant Fire Chief Stephen Watson said Tuesday.

The impact caused minor damage to the brush truck, which was there to check on another accident, Watson said, but the sedan had to be towed.

“The front of the car hit the rear of the fire truck,” Watson said. “No one was injured.”

There were no injuries as a result of the accident the brush truck was sent to check on either, Watson said, and firefighters were able to help a woman and two children to a safe location.

The slick icy roads kept the Aledo, LaJunta, Silver Creek and Willow Park fire departments busy from about 7:45 p.m. until 1 a.m. Feb. 11, Watson said, with different departments and combinations of departments responding to more than 20 calls on the interstate, FM Road 730 and Farmer Road.

“One of the first was on I-20 westbound near the I-20/I-30 split on the I-20 bridge that goes over I-30,” he said. “I-20 was shut down for awhile, and a person was transported to the hospital.”

Firefighters used the “Jaws of Life” to extricate motorists from their vehicles in two accidents: one on Farmer Road near Bluff Springs and another at Interstate 20 at the 420-mile marker, Watson said.

In both cases, victims were taken to local hospitals, Watson said, one complaining of chest pains.

“People were slipping and sliding all over the place,” Watson said. “Most were not injured.”

One motorist spun out on Interstate 20 between Aledo and Willow Park, got stuck and then ran out of fuel, Watson said, which firefighters were able to supply.

Another got hung up on the cable barriers at the 420 exit and discovered he had to wait two hours for a wrecker.

“People like that, we give them a ride to the What-A-Burger,” Watson said.

One motorist who was eastbound on the interstate slid into a mobile TxDOT sign that warned of delays caused by a wreck in the Benbrook area.

“The vehicle took out that sign,” Watson said.

Firefighters were back out battling the elements at 6 a.m., Watson said, and worked three different rollovers; one at Farmer Road and Bluff Springs Road, another at FM Road 1187 near its intersection with Bankhead Highway and yet another at Interstate 20 by the 420-mile marker.  

None had injuries that required transport to a hospital.

“There were quite a few more fender benders,” Watson added, “but nothing of significance.”

Watson said he has learned that fire departments in Fort Worth and Benbrook also had their trucks involved in collisions with vehicles.

“It was a hazardous night to be out,” he said.