Weatherford Democrat

February 12, 2013

Aledo Trail couplet to begin construction

Weatherford Democrat

By Judy Sheridan

McMahon Contracting, awarded a $3.18 million bid for the construction of the Aledo Trail one-way couplet in December, will begin work on the long-anticipated project Feb. 25, Aledo Public Works Director Gordon Smith confirmed Friday.

Parker County, which is managing the project, issued the notice to proceed at a mid-week pre-work conference.

Smith said the work will be broken into sequences, with the first being the construction of a new two-lane road that will cross the railroad tracks close to City Hall.

The Aledo Trail project creates a large traffic circle designed to improve traffic flow by providing four lanes over the railroad tracks instead of two.

The new two-lane road that will get under way first will handle southbound traffic, connecting FM 1187 north of the tracks to Maverick Street. An existing portion of FM 1187 will be reconstructed as a two-lane northbound corridor.

The project’s anticipated completion date is Nov. 22.