Weatherford Democrat

July 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Animal cruelty

Weatherford Democrat

— Dear Neighbor,

On Friday, July 5, your son used his air rifle to shoot our cat on Hidden Valley Street in Aledo.

The pellet passed through his lungs, missing other organs but breaking one or two ribs and lodging under his skin on the other side. He nearly died of dehydration while lying near the street losing blood and suffering from the broken rib. We are now nursing him in the house after being treated by the vet, but he still has the pellet under his skin.

We have spent considerable money to save our very tame kitty. You are obviously my neighbor, but we do not want to be burdened by knowing your name.

Nonetheless, it seems like the honorable thing for you to do is to have your son destroy the air rifle, get a job, save his money and donate $500 to Casey Dawg Rescue Fund, Parker County Veterinary Hospital, 1724 Blair Drive, Weatherford, Tx 76086.

Danny Lee