Weatherford Democrat

August 18, 2010

Springtown club needs money for recycling

Sally Sexton

WEATHERFORD — Sally Sexton

At Springtown Intermediate, going green is important. A large bin, built to hold paper, plastic and cardboard, sit in the campus parking lot, and serves as a dumping station for people wanting to recycle.

The program, called the Green Club, helps do just that, but now the organization is in need of funds to continue the task.

“We do a lot of campus paper recycling and we’ve also purchased a bin that takes plastic, aluminum and cardboard at the intermediate parking lot,” Springtown Intermediate science teacher Wendy Kennedy said. “The community has added a lot of it, which is why we need businesses to help us out.”

A grant was taken out to rent the bin last year, which was also the first year of the Green Club. Now, the members are trying to help raise money to go toward the $1,500 payment to keep the bin this year.

“Any amount will be great, but its for 12 months that we get to keep [the bin],” Kennedy said. “We’re hoping this year to get donations for this year, so that the club can hold fund raisers to pay for next year’s.”

The club, which an intermediate student came up with in October of last year, is made up of fifth and sixth graders who share the passion for going green.

“These kids are very adamant about recycling,” Kennedy said.

In addition to the rented bin, the campus also has two paper bins, which the school gets reimbursed for depending on the tonnage.

Last year, the club held a fund raiser in the spring, selling flower bulbs. As a result, the Green Club got to keep the $400 made.

The Green Club will hold its first meeting Sept. 13.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the cause can contact Kennedy at