AUSTIN (AP) — Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick on Friday named attorney and former legislator Terry Keel to permanently fill the position of House parliamentarian.

Keel was selected by the Republican speaker May 25 to immediately serve as parliamentarian when the previous parliamentarian and her assistant abruptly resigned amid a House rebellion against Craddick.

Parliamentarian Denise Davis and deputy Chris Griesel quit as Craddick deflected questions from insurgent House members who sought to remove him. Craddick refused to allow House members to make a motion to ‘‘vacate the chair,’’ saying it was within his powers to quash such a request. And, he said, he wouldn’t allow an appeal of that decision.

Craddick’s critics said he ignored Davis’ advice.

Keel has performed parliamentarian duties on a part-time basis, according to a statement released by Craddick’s office. He continued in that role through the May 28 end of the 140-day legislative session.

‘‘Terry served as a member of the House for ten years and was respected in particular for his legal expertise and his thorough knowledge of the House rules,’’ Craddick said.

The parliamentarian’s duty is to guide the speaker through the daily activities during House floor sessions, advising him on House rules and the Texas Constitution.

Keel, a Republican, served five terms in the House, representing the Austin area from 1997 to 2007.