Weatherford Democrat

March 7, 2010

Face of Parker County Business


Loving the outdoors helps in this business

Marsha Brown

Name: Judy Cain       


Age: 58       


Company: Stuart Nursery, Inc.


Job title: Manager


Job description: Selling, ordering, planting, bookwork


Years with company: 36


Personal business strategy: Be honest


Give us your best business advice: Treat customers with courtesy and honesty


First job: Sizzler Steak House


Hobbies: Native plants, reading, hiking, grandchildren!


How I know I am successful: I have met and known so many wonderful people over the years in the nursery business


Favorite book: Outlander


Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean


Favorite restaurant: Mesquite Pit


Historic person I'd most want to share a meal with: Mary Queen of Scots


One person I’d like to meet: Daniel Boone


Pet peeve: Rude people


First car: Buick


Car I drive now: Suburban


Favorite place to get away: The beach


Thing I have too many of: Plants?


If I weren’t in this business, I would be a: Librarian


City of residence: Weatherford


City of birth: Lubbock


One achievement I’d most like to be remembered for? Helping people to appreciate native plants and love the outdoors.