Weatherford Democrat

February 7, 2010

Realtors honor volunteers

Greg Webb
Weatherford Democrat

WEATHERFORD — WEATHERFORD - The Greater Metro West Association of Realtors celebrated the New Year by hosting an Appreciation Luncheon in honor of those members that volunteered their time, talents, and support for the GMWAR in 2009 and will again be active in volunteering in 2010.

The luncheon was held at Fire Oak Grill and featured special guest speaker Doyle Lee, of Weatherford National Bank. 

Lee told personal stories that captured the audience’s imagination with ever topic; like how important ‘love’ is and the importance of waking up happy every morning.  He got everyone involved with audience participation and shared with the attendees sound advice on how serving and volunteering is always an opportunity where you receive more than you give. 

The after chat of Lee’s great story of 87-year-old Rose circled the enthusiasm of Mitzi Cox-North’s new role of involvement as the GMWAR board president.