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November 3, 2013

Tops in Weatherford

Weatherford Democrat


When Jeff Carr opened The Shed two years ago, he had low ambitions considering his location inside David’s Stove Shop on FM 5 and I-20.

“We’re not easy to find. You have to want to find us,” Carr said. “When we first started we wanted to stay small because we don’t have a lot of space but the public has decided otherwise.”

Carr says the slow, steady growth of the restaurant in the early days was a good thing, allowing the staff to get to know each other and adjust how things get done. Carr, a Weatherford native says he gets up at 3 a.m. every day to make sure everything is fresh made and made to order.

“We bake the bread and buns for our sandwiches and burgers every day,” Carr said. “Our turkeys for our turkey sandwiches are carved fresh as you order. Our burgers are hand pattied. We don’t have much storage space, so we have next to no overhead, so you can be sure everything you’re getting is fresh.”

There’s really no room for overhead as Carr and his assistant chef Kim Walker get all the food prepared in a 12’ by 9’ kitchen for crowds that can approach 200 people in the four hours The Shed is open on the weekends. Carr said when he runs out of a number of items, he will shut down for the day.

The menu says it all stating the restaurant does not do fast food but uncompromising good food.

Seating is limited, with a few old style wooden picnic tables and some new booths, which were installed last week to add a bit more seating. Though nothing more than word of mouth advertising and not even a sign to direct people where to go, the Shed has become the “in place” that only a select few (or hundred) knows about. Carr and his staff must be doing something right, as TripAdvisor reviews have made the Shed the highest rated restaurant in the city/area.

The communal feel to the place comes from new people finding the place regularly, wanting a place to sit and potentially having to make a few new friends in the process. While the growth is obviously welcomed, Carr admits he is almost “topped out” with the crowds he and his staff can realistically handle.

“All together we have learned to adapt and handle our growth, but it’s getting to a point where we can get almost too busy, which keeps us from focusing on the details,” Carr said. “People appreciate the effort we put into our sandwiches and the details we do. It’s part of the vision I had when we first got started: be a hole in the wall with really good food.”

When looking for a place for his new restaurant, Carr, a prior owner of Downtown Weatherford Café, said a family friend of the owner said he had a spot in the back of his stove store and the rest is history Starting out with sandwiches and a chef-driven daily special, Carr said the focus has moved from daily specials to sandwiches and burgers because it was becoming difficult for Carr, a trained chef, to continue coming up with something creative.

The Shed at David’s Stove Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information, call 817-594-5533 or visit to find out what is cooking tomorrow.