Weatherford Democrat


June 15, 2014

Ray's Burrito Bar


After more than eight months in the planning stages, Ray’s Burrito Bar has finally opened its doors.

The restaurant, located at 809 S. Main St., is run by Naser Halili and his father Ray. Naser, a 2008 graduate of Weatherford High, says the remodeling of the building took longer than expected as the “place was nasty.”

“It took forever to renovate it, but it was definitely worth it,” Naser said.

The restaurant has a western vibe to it with adobe colored walls. With the western vibe, you might expect to hear country and western music but, instead, 80s and 90s music prevails throughout the room.

With Ray Halili saying the pair worked 15 hours a day in renovating the building, Ray’s Burrito Bar opened Memorial Day and has seen good crowds as word of mouth advertising has begun to bring people through the door. Besides burritos, Ray’s offers nachos, tacos and, for those low-carb enthusiasts, burrito in a bowl.

Nasser spent some time working next door as Pastafina, where he was a cook for a time. It was there that he developed a liking for the culinary arts. Over the years, the 10-year resident of Weatherford had heard people talk about the need for a restaurant such as Chipotle or Freebirds in town and decided to open one himself.

His dad Ray, who Naser says has been a big influence in his life, went into business with him. They acquired the knowledge and expertise of 20-year veteran chef Roberto Muñoz, who has worked at the Omni Hotel and as a corporate chef at Texas Christian University.

Burritos consist of a choice of traditional or white rice, choice or three types of beans, four types of meat and a number of sides, including a fabulous corn relish. Everything is made fresh daily with nothing coming prepackaged via a truck. Vegetarian burritos are also offered for the vegans or vegetarians in your life.

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