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May 18, 2014

Coffee house has its perks

Weatherford Democrat


Drive-thrus have become as much a part of American culture as texting ... and it’s something Bridget Talmage and Jennifer DeWitt don’t want at their new business.

The Full Cup Bookstore & Coffee Shop, 922 S. Main St., in Weatherford, opened just over a month ago and have done just fine without a drive-thru, the pair say. They offer a different kind of service, even more modern than the drive-thru, to get people moving in the busy morning time.

“We offer a prepay kind of system,” Talmage said. “Once we get to know a customer,  we like to tell people to simply text us their orders and we’ll have them ready for them when they get here. We’ll even bring them out to the curb for them if they’re really in a hurry.”

The pair have known each other for years, meeting at work. Almost from day one, the ladies have wanted to open some sort of business together. DeWitt said it was simply a question of what and when. When the city lost longtime bookstore and coffee shop The Bookcase less than a year ago, the duo knew they had found their business.

Renovation took about six weeks but with help from family, the place has a very comfortable vibe to it.

“It’s no longer a dirty, ugly, empty shell,” Talmage said with a laugh.

A large book case, with lots of books purchased from the Bookcase, separates a quiet, study area from a reading, social area. Big, comfy couches provide areas for visiting as well. The easy feeling of the place is accented by lots of wind chime style art, which was prominently featured on a recent pleasant morning.

Books of all genres can be picked up for reasonable prices and traded at any time, which many new customers have decided to take advantage of.

“People hate having the same books on their shelves for any length of time,” Talmage said.

Business has been picking up in the last several days, DeWitt said, with a lot of repeat customers. Talmage said a recent day had a group of Weatherford College students in the study area, taking advantage of the free wi-fi while another group of students from the Ninth Grade Center across the street were sitting and socializing in another area.

Once again, texting can get customers some benefits as a study table or area can be reserved for groups that need it.

If you’re unsure what to order, a breakdown of what is in each drink is drawn on a chalkboard near the front counter. It can be quite a bit different than what the drink is at a chain like Starbuck’s or Peet’s.

“We learned that in barista school, what Starbucks says something is can really be something else,” Talmage said. “We have the recipe books and can give you a Starbucks drink, but we like our drinks better.”

The shop also offers Italian sodas and a cold brew coffee that is made with the same freshly roasted beans as their hot coffee, but with Talmage said “leaving a beautiful taste in your mouth.”

The Full Cup Bookstore and Coffee Shop is open 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, give the ladies a call at 817-279-3868 or 817-304-5242.