Weatherford Democrat

February 15, 2010

Faces of Parker County Business

Super Save boss keeps focus on customers

Staff Writer

WEATHERFORD — Name: Bill Kiker


Age:  54


Company: Super Save 


Job title: President and head carryout person.


Job description: Whatever needs to be done in order to serve our customers best.


Years with company:  18


Personal business strategy: Make shopping for groceries a pleasurable experience. Always be full, fresh, clean and friendly with low prices!


Give us your best business advice: Listen to your customers ... have big ears!


First job: Meat department clean up boy and hamburger grinder 


Dream job: I already have it 


Hobbies: Working, playing racquetball, playing farmer/rancher


How I know I am successful: When my family tells me that they still love me.


Favorite book: See You At The Top, The Bible     


Favorite movie: Its A Wonderful Life


Favorite restaurant: Super Save Deli, Skinny's Hamburgers


Historic person I'd most want to share a meal with: Jesus Christ


One person I’d like to meet: Alan Greenspan


Pet peeve: People who do not do what they say that they will do.


First car: 1964 Corvair  


Car I drive now: 2000 Toyota Tacoma


Favorite place to get away: Red River, N.M.


Thing I have too many of: Notes to myself that I forget to read. 


If I weren’t in this business, I would be: An attorney or maybe a financial advisor.


City of residence: Weatherford, Texas   


Place of birth: Southern Colorado aka Far North Texas


One achievement I’d most like to be remembered for? Making a positive difference in a child’s life.