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February 2, 2014

Flavors of mexico


One of the most noticeable differences is the fact there are no menus ... at least in the traditional hand-held style. The menu is actually an electronic tablet that people can touch to find different areas, such as appetizers, main courses and drinks. All wait staff are trained on the tablet and are very willing to give their thoughts on the different menu options.

Hostesses are trained to ask if this is a customer’s first time at the restaurant. Elvira is then told and will walk them through the menu and suggest items from the menu, as will the wait staff if she is not around.

Elvira said the wait staff are very knowledgeable about the menu, having to try a little bit of everything before they hit the floor. The wait staff is high energy, friendly, and really what make the place go.

“These are young girls who are helping to pay for college. They are young mothers trying to raise a family,” Elvira said. “We want them to be happy to come to work. We want to teach them how to earn money and it’s been really great.”

There are still some very familiar vibes to the place, as the diner feels with red and black seating permeates the restaurant, so it feels very comforting.

For customers who want to try something a little more traditional Mexican, Elvira recommends that Biscayan style cod, as seafood is very popular in traditional Mexican cooking. A ceviche and mushroom chicken piccata developed by Chef Octavio Vieira are two of the more popular dishes.

Street tacos are very popular in Mexico and are starting to get their following at the restaurant. Tequila offers carne asada, milanesa (breaded steak) and shredded beef tacos along with chorizo and potato tacos, all served on corn tortillas.

Tequila Bar Y Grill is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and are open for an extra hour on Friday and Saturday. Sundays, a brunch-style menu is offered from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information on Tequila, call 682-333-0750.

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