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March 16, 2014

Such an inspiration

Weatherford Democrat


Like nearly everyone, Kristin Bryan believes bullying is wrong. Unlike most everyone, she has gone and done something about it.

Bryan, an Aledo author, has a series of books entitled the “Curious Crustacean” series, designed to teach children about being accepting of others’ differences. Bryan is a Houston native that has dealt with differences her entire life, as her sister Kelly had a brain tumor during her childhood which forced Kelly into a number of physical and mental challenges.

According to a flyer, Kelly and Kristin’s bond grew event stronger as they became adults with Kelly being placed into a community for disabled adults. It was there that Kristin received the inspiration to begin her series of books with “Mrs. Crawdad Comes Home” to discuss acceptance of others for who they are and how wrong bullying is.

Kelly refused to dwell on the things she couldn’t do. Instead, she went through life with a smile on her face and accepted the challenges with an open mind.

“She taught me that the choice to be happy comes from within,” Bryan said. “Mrs. Crawdad captures her passionate personality and exemplifies her open hearted approach to life. She also teaches the reader to rejoice and be glad they are unique and different from others.”

The series’ heroine, Mrs. Crawdad, goes on a number of adventures, exploring her home on the banks of the Guadalupe River, where the family spent a number of summers. Through Mrs. Crawdad’s encounters with other animals, she shows that it is good to be different. Bryan also shows that by having a good attitude about life, you can be a success no matter what difficulties you encounter.

“I want children to embrace the gifts they are given and realize that we are all different but need to be accepting and nurturing to each other,” Kristin said.

The Curious Crustacean series continued with “Mrs. Crawdad Gets Homesick” and now includes two others “Mrs. Crawdad at Moonlight” and “Mrs. Crawdad and the Bayou Bully” since its inception in 2012. Because of the success with her first two books, Bryan was asked by her publisher, Mascot Books, to do a children’s book on her town’s high school mascot.

With the success that Aledo has had over the years, “Bearcats’ Path to Victory”, was a relatively easy story to write. It is the story of Mr. Bearcat, who leads by example as he shows students how to align themselves on the pathway to victory. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery around the town of Aledo as he leads the football team to a victory at Bearcat Stadium, visiting the schools and a few other popular places in Aledo.

Students who read the book will discover how fortunate they are to be surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors who help them rise to their greatest potential and gain self-esteem.

“With the book, I want to help students capitalize on their individuality and help everyone appreciate the community and take pride in where they live,” Kristin said.

All four of the Curious Crustacean books and the Bearcats’ Path to Victory books are on sale via a number of sites, including and Bryan is also available for signings and readings of her material.

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