Weatherford Democrat

December 23, 2012

Baking toward a pet's health

Weatherford Democrat


LeeAnn Kelly turned a love of animals into a new business.

Kelly was frustrated with her job in Austin with Child Protective Services. After about three months, she moved back to Parker County.

Kelly, who has always had a love of baking, began spending more time with her pets. She began baking dog treats for Charley, a 2-year-old Labrador retriever, after discovering what was in those treats.

“You’re never sure what’s in that stuff or where exactly it came from,” Kelly said.

With that in mind, she opened Charley’s Bark-ery, an online business, on Halloween. Many of the treats have been tested in a lab and on her friends’ pets, all with good results. Her products contain human-grade contents and ingredients.

“It gives me peace of mind knowing there are no chemicals, fillers in any of those treats,” Kelly said. “Even those finicky eaters seem to like the treats.”

Kelly’s other pets, including cats and a rabbit, are also involved with the business with prominent titles on her company's website. Kelly has five treats available right now including Chewy Moo-y, a beef jerky-style treat, and Woof-y Pies, consisting of cinnamon and pumpkin with a yogurt-based puppy frosting.

Kelly also has put out a pair of treats with carob instead of chocolate, which is completely non-toxic, along with peanut butter cups. Charley’s Barkery also does cupcakes and birthday cakes.

Her treats are currently sold at Stampede’s in Springtown and hopes to expand retail outlets and sals beginning next month. Free samples of the treats can be found by visiting