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March 31, 2013

New vet dentist

Weatherford Democrat


Dr. Joseph Cukjati, DVM has joined the practice of Parker County Veterinary Hospital as a certified veterinary dentist.

Cukjati, 76, has more than 50 years experience in veterinary medicine and is one of the original veterinary dentists in the country. Pet dentistry has become a significant part of care over the last 20 years, according to Dr. Pat Jarrett, DVM.

“With a professional cleaning and under the gumline examination, you can add anywhere from a year and a half to two years of life to your pet,” Jarrett said. “Every major organ and system is affected by the mouth and keeping your pet’s mouth clean and free of plaque, tartar and gum disease is important to the health of your pet.”

Cukjati is the former owner of the Story Road Animal Hospital, the North Irving Animal Clinic and the Dallas County Veterinary Dental Service. He opened the animal hospital in 1964 before selling the business in 1998.

He is the founder of the Dallas County Veterinary Dental Service which he started back in the 1980s which was the first animal dental referral service in Dallas and only the second ever in Texas.

Cukjati is also the inventor of the adjustable dental impression tray and the Dr. C Jaw Screw which is used for mandibular fractures.

Cukjati is hoping to accept referrals from area vets started in the near future once he gets more settled in and more of his equipment set up within the next month. Cukjati has his own little area in the large examination room where the dental work is done. Upon request, he will provide referring vets a full report on all referred patients.

The two doctors met last summer when Cukjati did some relief work at the hospital for Jarrett. The customers and staff liked the affable Cukjati, who said he would like to work there. He began at the hospital about a month ago and said things have been going very well.

Cukjati is at the hospital Mondays-Wednesdays each week and does all sorts of oral care including root canals, oral tumors, jaw splints and more. Cukjati will provide an evaluation of the pet’s dental health and make recommendations for routine cleaning during every annual exam and vaccination visit.

An appointment for an advanced dental service exam can be made if a pet has a significant oral problem of the teeth, gums or structure of the mouth. A cost estimate for all specialized work and procedures is provided.

The hospital is offering a 50 percent discount on all veterinary medical care for the first 30 days for all dogs and cats adopted from the Weatherford Animal Shelter, including vaccines, heartworm disease, upper respiratory infections in cats and more.

For information on Cukjati and to make an appointment, call 817-596-0909.