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January 15, 2010

Face of Parker County Business: Donnie Romine CEO, Weatherford Regional Medical Center

Akers practices law down many avenues

Name: Martha (Marcy) N. Akers 

Age: 47 

Company: Bailey & Galyen 

Job Title: Managing Attorney & Mediator 

Job Description: I represent clients in family law matters, including divorces, modifications, custody cases and property disputes. I represent persons charged with crimes of all degrees, prepare wills and powers of attorney, and litigate other civil matters. I am also a trained mediator. Bailey and Galyen, the firm for whom I work, handles a variety of cases, such as bankruptcy, business law, drug and pharmaceutical litigation, education law, elder law, estate planning, personal injury, social security, immigration, probate, and oil and gas matters. 

Years with company: I have been employed by Bailey and Galyen for three years. Previously, I was a solo practitioner for several years and also practiced with my husband Ben Akers. I have been a practicing attorney for 22 years. 

Personal business strategy: My business strategy quite simply is to represent my clients zealously. My biggest concern is the welfare of each of my clients and doing the best possible job for each of my clients. I understand that people who hire me are facing significant problems in their lives. I want my clients to be educated about the law and the legal system so that they can make informed choices about their cases and their lives. I want my clients to know that when they hire me, they are hiring a firm with great resources. I want my clients to know that my support staff and I are approachable. I am in the business of helping people. 

First job: My first job was flipping burgers at Whataburger in Denton, Texas. 

Dream job: Most days, I really enjoy being a lawyer. If I did not work in the legal profession, my dream job would be to own a small business on an island with white sandy beaches, surrounded by warm clear blue water ...

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, shopping, reading, traveling and spending time with my wonderful family and great friends 

Role model: I do not really have a role model. I have tremendous admiration for people both living and dead. I admire Mother Theresa. I admire people who face adversity and are able to succeed. I admire people with integrity. 

How I know I am successful: I know that I am successful when someone thanks me. I also know I am successful when an opposing party later retains me on another matter.

Favorite book: My favorite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. It is a wonderful story told through the eyes of a child. Atticus Finch is the best lawyer ever.

Favorite movie: My all time favorite movie is also “To Kill a Mockingbird. “I recently saw “Avatar,” and it was pretty spectacular. 

Favorite restaurant: I don’t want to offend any local restaurant owners, so I will select a restaurant in Ft. Worth as my favorite — Del Frisco’s. 

Historic person I’d most want to share a meal with: Ronald Reagan or Jesus 

One person I’d like to meet: Jesus 

Pet peeve: I am irritated by people who have sought my advice but do not follow it. I am also annoyed by unnecessary rudeness.

First car: Red Toyota Corolla 

Car I drive now: 2008 Honda Civic 

Favorite place to get away: I love a beautiful beach, but I also like vibrant cities such as New York City or London. 

Thing I have too many of: My husband, Ben, would say shoes. I say empty hangars.

City of residence: Weatherford 

City of birth: Greenville, North Carolina