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August 3, 2013

Working that body

Weatherford Democrat


PEASTER — Liz Carnley is a true transformer.

The owner of The Body Shop says watching women transform themselves into newer, healthier, stronger individuals is what makes her happy to get up in the morning and go to work.

“Whatever their goals are. Whether they want to firm up, lose a little weight,” Carnley said. “If we can help them achieve their goals, that’s just great.”

Those women see Carnley and her fellow instructors as truly interested in their wellbeing, so much so that many of the clients let Carnley and her instructors know when they will be unable to make a class. That simple act of kindness is what Carnley said she believes makes her business different from other gyms.

“Most gyms don’t care if you’re coming in or not as long as those drafts are coming through,” Carnley said. “With us, the clients are so dedicated to the cause of improving themselves and feel like we’re making a difference they let us know when they can’t make it.”

Zumba classes are some of the most popular, along with what Carnley calls her 20/20/20 class. It includes 20 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of cardiovascular work and 20 minutes of core exercises. While The Body Shop’s focus is women, with a number of classes in zumba, pilates, toning, turbokicking and more, the facility does offer boot camps as well for both men and women.

Carnley said having certified instructors in all classes makes a difference.

“We’re able to tailor a workout specifically designed for each member, so everyone gets the workout they desire,” Carnley said.

Don’t let the women fool you. The instructor is tough.

“We had a retired Army military man take our boot camp class to lose a little weight,” Carnley said. “He told us the instructor was harder than what he had for military boot camp.”

Carnley opened The Body Shop in 2011 after offering boot camp classes in Peaster and Zion Hill. She said she was looking for a place with a roof to offer boot camp classes in the winter.

Believing it was silly to do just one style of class, she began contacting other instructors to branch out a bit and the facility was born. Classes grew so quickly she ended up moving to her new location in September.

Along with the classes, sports and dance camps are offered during the summer months to keep kids from “sitting on the couch” while they are out of school. A professional boxer is even available to teach boxing if it’s desired and is being utilized.

While having to drive 15 minutes to Peaster may seem a bit much, Carnley assures potential patrons it’s not.

“My monthly rates tend to be lower,” Carnley said. “For what you spend on monthly for me, you’d spend for a personal trainer once in (Weatherford).”

The personal atmosphere extends to the entire strip mall, where women own all the businesses, including a dry cleaners and hair salon.

“We all help each other out,” Carnley said. “If one of the businesses is closed and the other is open, customers drop off payments for all three and it’s no big deal.”

The Body Shop is located at 8801 FM 920, just south of the Texaco station in Peaster. For information, contact Carnley at or visit The Body Shop on Facebook.