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June 9, 2013

Millsap Matters: Long time Millsap ISD educator retires

Weatherford Democrat

With the end of this school year, several of Millsap’s teachers are making life changing decisions, and we want to wish them well in their new endeavors.  One long-time Millsap ISD educator is retiring.

After forty-one years as a teacher, Mrs. Betty Gharis has many plans for her life as a retiree.  This dedicated educator has spent many of her working years in the Millsap district, and started the school’s first Kindergarten class in 1974.  She has taught several of the grade levels, all with great success.  She has always been supportive of her students and very congenial to everyone.  Mrs. Gharis has been a great asset to our school system and community and has helped prepare thousands of kids for success.  We hope you have a lot of fun and make many good memories during your retirement years, Mrs. Gharis. 

Other teachers making changes at Millsap Elementary School include Christina Wright who will be leaving to be a full time mom.  Riana Beavers is going to teach second grade next year, while Roger Bradshaw is making the change to teach fourth grade Math.  May each of you enjoy what these changes bring.

As Millsap First Baptist Church will have VBS June 10-14, there are many details about the upcoming event to share.  The theme is “God’s Backyard Bible Camp-Under the Stars,” and it is for all ages.  For the 4 years - 6th grade kids there will be games, drama, music, crafts, and contests.  Childcare will be available for those under four years if a parent is at the church.  The 7th - 12th grade young people will work with the youth minister, and adults will study with the Pastor.  There will be a light supper for everyone.  The time is 6:00-8:40 p.m. For any questions call 940 682-4494.  This is sure to be very enriching for all who attend.

With fishing weather here, there’s a new Live Bait Shop on the north side of Hwy. 180 about two miles west of Cool.  It is open seven days a week, 7 a.m.-7 p.m., and the owner will even open after hours if the order is three dozen or more of available items.  The regular baits include minnows, shrimp, liver, worms, and stink bait.  The shop is also going to carry cement picnic tables, statues, and bird baths.  This business is easy to see with its big sign and small flags. For any questions call 940 452-3306.  New places to shop are always welcome, and many should enjoy this specialty store.

In Millsap city news, at the recent City Council meeting Councilman Michael Kinman was elected Mayor Pro Tem.  Mr. Kinman serves the community selflessly in many ways so will do a great job in this new position.  The council is considering building a deck on the back of the City Hall, so bids are being taken to decide whether this project is financially feasible.

At the June meeting of Cool’s City Council members of the Cool Garner VFD were present to discuss plans for the possibility of joining Greenwood ESD No. 7, as Millsap VFD did last year.  The Cool Garner department has taken the first step in this process, and they hope to have this issue on the ballot in the November election.

With June 14 being Flag Day there will be many celebrations.  This day commemorates the adoption of the design of the U.S. Flag by the Second Continental Congress in 1777. What a glorious flag!

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