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July 14, 2013

Millsap matters: Summer events to attend

Weatherford Democrat



While it is only mid-July, plans are underway to help students get ready to go back to school.  Millsap’s Second Annual Back to School Fair is on the calendar for August 10 and it’s going to be great!

The event will take place at Millsap City Hall, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., and is for all school children.  Many of the preparations are well underway and donations are being taken.  The committee that is putting the fair together is asking for donations of new backpacks, school supplies, and monetary help.  Anything will be appreciated.  This event is the vision of local resident Stella Casey and to make a donation, offering help, or questions call her at 940-353-7496.  You may also call City Hall, as our Council is supporting this effort all the way, at 940-682-7446.  This is a much needed event and takes a lot of help on many fronts so please give as you can.

The Millsap Neighborhood Ladies Home and Garden Club had a very fruitful meeting for July, as the women delivered about fifty pot plants to nursing home residents and shut-ins. The pots added extra pizzazz as they had been decorated in a patriotic theme by Millsap fourth graders during the school year.  The next regular meeting will be August 7 at the Millsap Community Center.  The ladies begin to gather around 10:30 a.m. and they will be enjoying salads for lunch.  They will be bringing new school supplies to donate to Millsap students.  The program will be a guest speaker form Millsap ISD.  All area ladies are welcome.

As reported in area newspapers a very dear lady of the community, Mary Clautee Lack, has passed away.  This native of Millsap was an integral part of the town even though she spent her last years in a residential facility.  She had recently celebrated ninety-six years of life and will be greatly missed.  Condolences to sons Lee, Cephus, Clarence, and Roger, and the rest of her very large family.

Millsap Heritage Society members took in a bit of local history as they toured three cemeteries as a part of their last meeting.  After enjoying ice cream, they caravanned to the Moran, Fuller Millsap, and Bird cemeteries.  The group will hold their next monthly meeting August 12 at Heritage Park ( log cabin grounds) at 7 p.m.  Everyone is welcome and while the emphasis is on history this group is also involved in many activities for general support of the community.

Midpoint Chapel will be joined by the Eleventh Avenue Church family of Mineral Wells for a great week of VBS, July 29-August 2.  Everyone is invited and the event is for all ages.  The time is 6:00-8:30 p.m. and each evening there will be supper, Bible lessons, crafts, games, puppets, and a whole lot of fun.  This would be a great place for the family to get out of the heat and enjoy a good time at 2312 South Farm Market 113, Millsap.  For info call 940-682-4436.

The Millsap Youth Association is hard at work preparing the kids for a great time in sports this fall.  The next sign-up for flag/tackle football will be August 1-2 at the Old Football Field, behind Millsap Middle School.  This will be the start of conditioning camp and time is 6:00-8:00 p.m.  This association is a great group who do a lot for area kids on many levels and we wish them and all of the kids a great kick-off.   

The Recognized Yard of the Month for July belongs to Gary and Rhonda Schrick.  Their home is a cute cottage with some great potted plants that really make a beautiful scene.  The place is located just east of Millsap Methodist Church.  This award is not based solely on either the yard or residence but on the place as a whole.  The recognition is given by a committee made up of Ladies Home and Garden Club members and city officials.  Thanks on making Millsap a prettier place and Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Schrick!

Thanks for reading!