Weatherford Democrat

October 21, 2011

Home of the brave, land of the free

Bill Bush
Weatherford Democrat

PARKER COUNTY — Does anybody know what the phrase “home of the brave, land of the free” means anymore?

I believe there are a large number of us who do, but I fear we are in the minority these days.

When our forefathers revolted and broke away from England’s aristocratic and tyrannical government, they made a powerful statement to the world and to the ages. This was not just a disorderly mob behaving with reckless abandon, but with a particular destiny and a peculiar idea about the values and abilities of human beings — all men are created equal, freedom of religion (not FROM religion), no taxation without representation — and the list goes on — and belief in a higher power (God), who intervenes in the affairs of men who are not afraid to ask for His help.

What’s wrong with America, you say? We’ve drifted away from our objectives, for our Constitution and Bill of Rights are not obtained once and put away on a shelf, but are living, breathing documents to be cherished in their original form, and to be protected at all costs from the same enemies we wrestled our freedom from. These enemies are everywhere, the world over and right here in America. Their mission never varies — take something good and wonderful, and majestic, and destroy it, because it shines a light on their evil hearts and minds.

The word “brave” suggests movement or deliberate action which, of necessity, precedes the word “free.” If we want to be free, we must take some action to obtain it and keep it. Today, too many so-called Americans are lazy and indifferent to the beauty and honor of our country. A disproportionate number of us don’t vote, and there are more people drawing entitlements than are paying for them. This is not only insane, but unsustainable. Too many non-working “Americans” have learned how to use the system and take advantage of working Americans, and I’m not speaking of those who have lost jobs and are legitimately claiming unemployment compensation.

When World War II ended, men and women went to work. My parents both worked two or three jobs at times, and my sister and myself both did odd jobs to earn money. For example, we picked berries in Washington state. I was 5 and she was 7. We cleaned houses and yards, and barns. I started mowing lawns at 9, and worked on a farm at 14 and 15. I had a full time job (54 hrs a week) in a service station at 16 until I finished high school and joined the Air Force at 18. There are millions of stories just like mine, and sadly, most of them are from previous generations or mine, through the ‘50s and ‘60s.

As Americans became more affluent, some parents began spoiling their kids, and not holding them to that standard of earning their way.

Yes, today there are families who teach their children the value of work, any kind of honest work, to help earn their way, but they are few and far between.

It is these spoiled generations of now grown people and their children, and their children’s children, who think working Americans and the government are responsible for their every need and desire. These are the draft dodgers, protesters, gang bangers, druggies, illegal immigrants, non working, late sleeping couch potatoes, fraudulent welfare recipients, and dabblers in Communism, Socialism, and any other forms of anything that is anti-American who are draining America’s resources. I will say, in many cases, illegals will work hard, but they are too lazy to go through proper channels to gain their citizenship. On the other hand, we have some Americans who were handed everything — and some of them are playing the role of an elected officials. Since they have never been self sufficient, but were taken care of by Mom and Dad, it is natural to spend and waste taxpayer money. Those taxpayers are just “little people” and of little note. Reminds me of aristocrats and tyrants!

So, what is the solution?

I’m asking genuine Americans, with a belief in our original values, pride in the fruits of their labor and hope in our eternal God — you don’t have to go to my church or any church, for that matter, that’s between you and Him — to shake off the dust of complacency, search out the truth and speak it. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors, and talk to God — He’s listening. And I can say that in print, because this is still America.

Let’s keep it that way.

And by the way, I will never say I am ashamed of my country when it does wrong. By whose opinion? I may disagree with some decisions made by elected officials, but I will never be ashamed of America. My country, right or wrong!


Bill Bush is a retired truck driver and Vietnam veteran who had three voluntary tours in Southeast Asia, including two combat tours as a gunner on the A/C-130 gunship Spectre, 225 combat missions.