Weatherford Democrat

September 22, 2011

Health care bill a waste

Richard Feuilly
Weatherford Democrat

WEATHERFORD — When we get everybody covered by health insurance, cost of health care will be marvelous. Health care costs will go down because everybody will be sharing in the burden. Government can force you to buy health insurance. The argument is made that liability insurance is mandatory if you drive an automobile.

Don’t let this leak out, but I am familiar with three auto accidents where the person who caused the accident did not have liability coverage. A gentleman with a cab full of beer cans and a lady who was not his wife ran a stop sign and ran into my wife, causing injury that causes pain to this day. My uncle was stopped for a construction crew and was rear ended. The driver of the other auto handed my uncle his insurance card. It turned out that a card was all that he had, no insurance. A young lady that I know was hit by a lady who ran a yield sign, had no no driver’s license, no insurance and three citations for previous offenses.

Does that lower the law abiding citizen’s insurance premiums or does it raise his uninsured motorist policy?

One in five motorists in Texas does not have liability insurance according to a news report. It will be the same with health care — those who pay will pay for those who don’t. The only difference will be more government bureaucrats to pay, which will raise the cost.

Mr. Warren Buffet wants the tax rate raised on the millionaires, but his company has been fighting the IRS since 2002. If he is so in favor of paying more tax, why doesn’t he pay up and add another million to the bill. He could be affected by human nature and wants the other rich folks to pay the higher rate, but leave his money alone. I have news for Mr. Buffet and any other folks who believe you can pay enough taxes to satisfy the bureaucrats in government. If by chance there ever is a surplus of funds, there is a “do gooder” sitting in the wings just waiting to implement some new program that will only cost a pittance.

There has never been a government program that did not cost infinitely more than could have been imagined. If by chance it is proven to be an utter failure, it will not be discontinued because government agencies never go away no matter how inefficient they may be.

There is talk about cutting the subsidies for petroleum companies. I am in favor of cutting subsidies for all companies, including the so-called green companies. I have been reading stories that say the stimulus money spent on green jobs range from $200,000 to as high as $5 million per job created. No matter how you look at it, that is what I would call excessive. The plan is going to cut payroll tax, and spend money that is borrowed, which will have to be paid back with interest.

May I suggest a jobs creating plan. Begin with telling Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama what they can do with the unaffordable health care bill. I certainly don’t want to see the Cuyahoga River on fire again, but I do believe there are EPA and OSHA regulations that could be backed off to encourage investors to start companies. If $2 trillion in spending has not jump started the economy, what would make anyone think another half trillion will work this time?

In my opinion, President Obama is determined to put this nation into total bankruptcy. He wasted more than a year on the health care bill, when he should have been concerned with jobs.

The liberals talk about how dumb the Republican field of candidates are. It might be wise to take a closer look at who is in the Senate and White House.

Richard Feuilly is a guest columnist. He is a retired ditch digger and a resident of Weatherford.