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August 20, 2013

Brock ISD receives state ratings for STAAR testing results

Weatherford Democrat

Staff Report

At its regular August monthly meeting Brock ISD trustees were informed of the new state district and campus ratings just received from Texas Education Agency.  The district, high school and junior high campuses received a rating of “Met Standard,” while the elementary campus was rated “Improvement Required.”  

“This rating for the elementary seemed inconsistent with the high student performance scores of that campus,” superintendent Richard Tedder. “The performance scores across the district were excellent with a 90 Achievement Performance Index score (50 point state passing standard). The elementary campus Student Performance Index score was a 91 (50 state passing standard) and yet the campus missed meeting standards by one point in the area of ‘Student Progress.’

“The elementary campus also scored 24 points higher than the state standard of 55 in the ‘Closing the Performance Gap Index.”’  It appears the campus rating was based on the ‘Student Progress Index,’ which was one point lower than the state standard required.”

Tedder said the administration has contacted TEA officials and no explanation of the elementary rating has been received.  

“The school board was very supportive of the staff’s efforts to provide our students with a great instructional program and encouraged all staff to focus on student performance and our student success in light of the inconsistencies of the new rating system,” Tedder said. “Brock ISD finished the year as the number two school out of 229 2A districts in the state in this years’ Lone Star Cup competition.  The district has been rated the top 2A school in the state twice in recent years.

“Our school district provides our students with one of the best educations available in the state.  Our graduation rates are usually 100%, our dropout rates usually 0%, and our dual credit and college readiness programs are outstanding.  We will strive to determine what we have to do as a district to meet standards and index scores required by the state.  In the interim, we will try to obtain information from TEA concerning our ratings and be sure no mistakes were made on their part.”