Weatherford Democrat

May 26, 2013

Weatherford College Criminal Justice Club takes field trip to New Orleans

Weatherford Democrat

Members of the Weatherford College Criminal Justice Club recently enjoyed the result of their hard work this semester. 

Paying for their own travel and lodging to New Orleans, the students, along with Tim Poston, instructor and advisor, toured the Orleans Parish Jail, where the local sheriff showed them the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought to the jail. He also showed them the new jail currently under construction with an expected opening in fall 2013.

The students also toured Angola Penitentiary, which now houses 6,200 inmates, 86 percent of whom are serving life-without-parole sentences. Angola is a model for hospice care for the elderly inmate. Also, a wide variety of programs are available to the inmate who needs a trade or education. 

The students visited nine “camps”- prisons- within Angola, including auto repair, body shop, electrical repair, welding and various other trades. Angola’s 20,000 acres is farmed with Percheron horses bred at the prison.