Weatherford Democrat

July 5, 2011

El Rey Taqueria — the small restaurant with big taste

Janis Saunders
Weatherford Democrat

WEATHERFORD — At 1213 Fort Worth Highway, there is a little jewel of a restaurant. El Rey Taqueria has been open four months serving good homestyle Mexican food.

The Moreno family are the owners. Juan, the father, is an accomplished cook. In fact, I wrote about him in 2007 when he was the head chef at a restaurant here in Weatherford. He won the Excellence Award given by the Texas Restaurant Association. The Restaurant Education Foundation also recognized him for his accomplishments.

Juan was very proud of the awards given to him. His dream was to own his own restaurant and serve the Mexican food he was raised on. Now, that dream has finally come true.

El Rey Taqueria serves great Mexican food. He and his wife are the main cooks and they turn out some wonderful dishes. Leticia, his wife, also worked at the restaurant where he received the award, but like Juan, she longed to have a place to prepare the foods she had growing up.

All their food is prepared fresh daily. The salsa is made fresh twice a day, and it will surely wake up your taste buds.

Jim and I went there last Thursday. Jacki, one of the daughters, greeted us. She brought our iced tea to sip on while we made up our minds on what to order. I decided on the beef fajitas while Jim ordered the beef enchiladas. These were listed as lunch specials. The menu lists so many foods, it was hard to choose. I asked Jacki what some of the food items were since they were new to me. They all sounded good.

While there we met a man who told me he eats there every day and has since they opened in February. He said he hadn’t found any Mexican food to beat it. After my fajitas arrived, I had to agree with him. The beef was so tender. You know sometimes you get the beef fajitas and it’s hard to cut them. I had no trouble with these. The guacamole was just like I make at home. It had chunks of avocado and it was seasoned nicely. I think you will agree with me there is nothing better than guacamole on a crisp tortilla chip.

Jim is an expert on beef enchiladas. He has eaten them at so many restaurants, I’ve lost count. I asked him how these tasted and he said they were some of the best he had eaten in a long time. As we were finishing eating, Leticia, another daughter came in. I was taken aback when she said her name was Leticia. I thought that was her mother’s name and she replied they were both Leticias. She sat down with us and we had a lovely conversation talking about Mexican food. She said the whole family was helping in the restaurant, and I thought it was nice they were all working to keep their parent’s dream alive.

We cleaned our plates and told them we would be back and we were — the very next day. Our daughter, Diana, could eat Mexican food seven days a week. We picked her up at her work and asked if she wanted some Mexican food, and her reply was a resounding, YES!

This time at El Rey we got something different than what we had the day before. I decided on the chicken chalupas and Jim tried the chicken enchiladas. Diana wanted cheese and beef enchiladas. When our food came we took one look and dived right in. My chalupa was wonderful with shredded chicken and all the fixins’. Jim said his enchiladas were wonderful and Diana seconded that for hers.

Saturday Diana treated her sons, Bryan and Steven, to lunch at El Rey. The boys said the food was top notch and Diana said the same.

One thing I noticed when we walked in the first time, it was so clean. Jacki and Leticia were constantly cleaning off tables or sweeping up under and around the tables.

Oh, I must mention this little bit of information. They have Mexican Coca Cola and Mexican fruit soft drinks. The different taste is subtle, and it reminds me of our younger days when Jim and I visited the interior of Mexico many times.

While we were there Friday, a woman came in to pick up her order she had called in. Their phone number is 817-550-6262. The hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturdays, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays. They serve breakfast every day, and they also have an extensive lunch menu at great prices.