Killing time while reading the menu ... I got to thinking the other day as I drove through town about some of the famous eating establishments around the town before there was an Interstate 20.

In those days, if you were heading west out of Fort Worth, you had to go through Weatherford and make a decision when you reached the west side of town. You could take Ranger Highway and follow basically the same path as the interstate, or you could follow the Mineral Wells highway and go to Breckenridge and beyond. Right there in the middle of that intersection was a very famous restaurant called Jordan’s.

Before there were famous truck stops Like Love’s and Petro, there was Jordan’s. Jordan’s was popular with travelers heading west, and with the locals. Many women made very good money waiting tables at that establishment, and local Civic organizations used their small banquet facilities for their meetings.

On the east side of town there was another famous restaurant named Westgate. They also catered to civic and business organizations in the area for meetings and such. It seemed funny to me that located on the east side of town it was called Westgate.

Further east, in what is now Hudson Oaks, another famous restaurant named Jack’s Cafe catered to travelers and truckers. When I was a youngster, we went there and two things in that cafe stuck in my memory. First, they had this strange looking object that looked something like a bird bobbing up and down into a glass of water. It seemed like it could go on forever. The whole time I was there it never slowed down and never stopped. No one ever restarted the thing, it just kept bob, bob, bobbing along.

The other thing that stuck in my mind was a simple sign right over the bar/counter. It seemed to be written in some cryptic language I had never seen nor heard. It went something like this:

“Seville dare dago,

tousan buses inaro.

Nojo demis trux

Summit cowsin summit dux.

Da cows gotno wangs

Dux uderless rdenot?”

This fascinated me so much in those days, I have never forgotten that little saying. See if you can translate what it says and send me an e-mail when you think you have it.

Some other famous places to dine in the area back then were, Mineva’s, JordInn’s and Travelers. These places, with the exception of Mineva’s, came along later. They all served good, hot food at reasonable prices and employed many of the local men and women.

If you know me very well you can tell food is one of my favorite things, and good, cheap, hott food is the greatest. In the Real World it doesn’t get any better than that.


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