Weatherford Democrat

March 9, 2014

Local teachers study with distinguished scholars

Weatherford Democrat

Two Weatherford teachers traveled to Houston recently to participate in a one-day workshop focused on teaching U.S. history during and immediately following World War II.

 Laura Pamplin and Patricia Nunn, World History teachers at Weatherford High School, attended the workshop, which offered teachers the opportunity to work closely with leading scholars, studying topics such as the turning points of World War II, industrialization, the home front and the burgeoning civil rights movement.

 During the morning, participants attended dynamic lectures and presentations. In the afternoon, they joined faculty in small workshops to examine primary sources and develop effective strategies for classroom instruction.

 Faculty members included Arnold Krammer of Texas A&M University, Maury Klein of the University of Rhode Island, Joseph A. Pratt of the University of Houston and Michael L. Gillette of Humanities Texas.

 Krammer specializes in modern European and German history, with a specific focus on the Third Reich and the Holocaust. He is the author of Hitler’s Last Soldier in America and Nazi Prisoners of War in America, and has co-edited four volumes on the Holocaust.

 Klein is a renowned historian of business and economic history who has written seventeen books on American history, the most recent of which is A Call to Arms: Mobilizing America for World War II.

 Pratt, a business and economic historian, is the author of numerous works, including Prelude to a Merger, a history of the Amoco Corporation from 1973 to 1998.

 The workshop, which was held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, was sponsored by Humanities Texas.

 “Humanities Texas is delighted to include two exceptional teachers from Weatherford in this educational endeavor,” said Humanities Texas Executive Director Michael L. Gillette. “Bringing teachers together to learn from leading scholars and from each other is an effective way to ensure that Texas students continue to receive the best possible educational opportunities.”

 The workshop was made possible with support from the State of Texas, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.