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October 21, 2011

Wildlife rescuer needs help


Dear editor,

The City of Weatherford recieved a new and welcome addittion this past summer.

Her name is Birgit Sommer. She is a wildlife rehabilitator with Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, She is from the Stephenville area where she helped the sick and injured wildlife and returned them to their natural habitat.

She is in need of manual labor to help oversee and build the required enclosures to get her permits to open her center. She has recently decided to keep the facility closed until next year because she is unable to get the help she needs.

In addition to helping the small wild animals, she also helps rescue cats and dogs from kill shelters. She arranges for transport of animals on the kill lists in other cities and helps find adoptive parents for our four-legged friends.

My 8-year-old daughter has recently told me she would like to be a large animal veterinarian. I was so thrilled by her decision that I started looking for places for her to volunteer with animals to learn how to care for all types. Did you know that you have to be 18 years of age to volunteer at the animal shelters? My daughter has to wait 10 more years before she can have volunteering under her belt. Having a wildlife rehabilitator in Weatherford would allow my daughter and many other children to volunteer at a younger age and start getting the valuable experience they need to be great animal veterinarians or possibly rehabilitators.

We need awareness and attention brought to every resident’s front door about this wonderful lady who has decided to make our town her home too. It takes a very strong, loving, compassionate and caring person to become a wildlife rehabilitator. Rehabilitators do not get funding from the government or state. They form non-profit organizations and typically work out of they’re homes for the greater good of preserving our natural surroundings and ensuring that wildlife still has a home. They rely on the generosity of others to help fund food, bedding, vet needs, medicines and any thing that comes up concerning the well being of nature's creatures.

How great would it be if we could all come together and give her a wonderful gift and arrange for a weekend to all meet up and help her finish her new facility. God Bless us all. Show your thanks to God by doing a good deed and help someone in need.

Wendy Dionne,


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