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February 26, 2013

Letters to the editor: Feb. 26, 2013



Try using your head


Dear Editor,

Do liberals ever think about what will take place in the future? Environmentalist want to stop the pipeline from Canada.

Do they think that the oil won’t be used by someone on this planet? The Canadians are going to sell their oil.

Would it be better for the oil to go to a country that doesn’t have the environmental regulations that this country has? Why not avail ourselves of the jobs and economic benefits that it will provide.

You hear that oil is a worldwide commodity, and it will have no effect on the price of gasoline and diesel.

I find that hard to believe, the greater the supply of a commodity the cheaper that it is. Case in point, in 2005 natural gas was trading in the neighborhood of $14 per Mbtu, now it is trading around $3.25 per Mbtu. What made the difference, the abundant supply has made the difference. If we had an over abundance of oil , why would it not have the same effect on the price of gasoline? Does it concern you that the majority of protesters, never had a real job?

The people making the most noise are the Hollywood crowd. They make their living pretending. Apparently they have no clue what the high price of energy will do to the working folks that pay to watch their make believe. The intelligent folks will take care of their families first, then go see a movie. When all income is spent on energy, to heat and cool homes, and on fuel to get to work, the pretenders will have to get a real job.

Instead of wasting millions and billions of dollars of tax payer money to bail out those who raised campaign funds for the President, why not apply it to the national debt. The gas and oil industry provides high paying jobs and would put a tremendous amount of money in the federal treasury. But no we can’t do that, we must waste money to control the climate, which is a big hoax, designed to bankrupt America.

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Letters to the Editor
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