Weatherford Democrat

February 15, 2012

Alleged victim takes stand in Maxwell trial

Christin Coyne

PARKER COUNTY — The 63-year-old Whitt woman who, prosecutors say, was kidnapped by former neighbor Jeffrey Maxwell, held for 12 days at his Corsicana home and repeatedly sexually assaulted and tortured, told jurors Wednesday morning, she had rebuffed several advances by Maxwell when he lived down the road from her.

Maxwell, who reportedly bought property and moved in as one of the woman’s closest neighbors several years ago before moving to Corsicana in 2005, would stop by the woman’s house and talk to her, she testified.

Though the conversations were ok the first several times she spoke with Maxwell, she ended up telling him not to return to her property, the woman told jurors.

After a neighbor borrowed Maxwell’s tractor to start a garden for the woman, Maxwell told her she could pay him back for the loan with a kiss, the woman testified. She said she told him no and took him produce from her garden to return the favor.

During another incident, the woman told jurors, Maxwell drove up in the driveway, told her to get dressed and said they would go out to eat, that he’d just been paid.

The woman said she told him no because she wasn’t interested in dating.

“He drove up in my driveway, jumped out and said ‘Would you kiss me?,’” she said. “I said ‘Don’t you come to my house any more, never again.’”

Maxwell didn’t come back to her property again, except to show her pictures of the lake area he was moving to around the summer of 2005, she said.

According to prosecutors, Maxwell kidnapped the woman at gunpoint on March 1, 2011, beat her and sexually assaulted her until she was found at his home on March 12, as investigators were following up on the March 3 fire that destroyed her house and led to the realization she’d disappeared.

Testimony was expected to resume Wednesday afternoon.