Weatherford Democrat

June 29, 2011

In the running

Williams kicks of campaign with Weatherford visit

Crystal Brown
Weatherford Democrat

WEATHERFORD — Roger Williams spent much of his time Tuesday rubbing elbows with voters as he started his campaign for the newly-created U.S. House District 33 seat.

The day started with a morning press conference at the Ballpark in Arlington, and by 5 p.m., he made his to Weatherford’s Fire Oak Grill for a reception.

Williams told the crowd at the downtown restaurant he thought the district lines were wrong when he saw District 33 and didn’t think it would stand in court. But it did.

“When they drew this district, I don’t think anyone really thought that we would have a district that is so favorable to Parker County,” he said.

District 33 includes Arlington, south Fort Worth, portions of Wise County and all of Parker County.

Williams has lived in North Texas since 1958, and owns the Weatherford dealership Roger Williams Chrysler Dodge Jeep. He said his local roots and business experience are what put him over his opponent — former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams — in the Republican primary.

“My opponent does not live in the district,” Roger Williams said. “My opponent has never voted in the district. My opponent has never owned a business. I am a business guy, and I think right now that’s what we want up there in Washington are business people who will make business decisions, not political decisions.”

He also laid out his platform at the reception as he stated his issues will focus on jobs, the economy and economic development while lowering taxes and spending and decrease the amount of government.

“I’m going to make decisions based on fairness, family values, limited government ... ” he said. “The constitution is a great document. I’m tired of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, who is a socialist, tear it up and try and make it up as they go along.”

The crowd applauded his statements to remove Obama from office.

Parker County Republican Party Chair Zan Prince expressed the group’s feelings on Williams’ bid for office.

“It’s a great day in Congressional District 33 when Parker County’s own steps up to serve us in a way that will only bring honor to our district,” she said. “It’s exciting to have, not only to have friends, but a business person and someone we work with in the community, work with on political events, work with side by side, through so many things, who shares our values and convictions.”

While he feels he has strengths in other areas of the district, Williams said Parker County is crucial to his election.

“Arlington has a large majority of the vote, we are going to do great there,” he said. “The vote that will put us totally over the top, that I don’t believe my opponent can touch, is Parker County, Texas.”

Williams is supported by Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief along with many Parker County political leaders.

His campaign leadership team includes Finance Chairman Mike Patterson, Arlington business leader; Tarrant County Chairman Robert Rivera, Arlington city council member; Wise County Chairman Allan Williamson, GOP county chairman; and Parker County Chairman Phil King, State Representative.

Williams was Texas’ 105th Secretary of State. He has also served as the state’s chief liaison for Texas Border and Mexican Affairs, on the board of trustees for the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.

He and his wife, Patty, are Weatherford residents and the parents of two daughters.

His Republican primary opponent, former Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, recently released a statement about the upcoming race.

“Our campaign looks forward to contrasting Michael Williams’ proven lifetime record of consistent, courageous, steady conservative leadership with Roger’s record of self-promotion and personal advancement,” the release states. “Announcing for Congress with Democrats by your side paints a clear contrast between the two: Roger will cozy up with the liberals and the Washington elite while Michael Williams will hold them to account. Washington politicians are way too cozy already.”

In the release, Michael Williams promises to run a grassroots campaign to reclaim the American dream.

“Americans are worried about their future, are tired of bailouts, government waste and the greedy elite,” the release states. “They want a serious candidate who will go to Washington to fight for them, not themselves. Fortunately, the Republican voters of CD33 will have a clear choice when they vote in the Republican Primary.”