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February 6, 2013

Top Teachers

Nine Parker Co. educators among honorees named Weatherford College Jack Harvey Academy fellows

Weatherford Democrat

— Nine Parker County educators were among 34 teachers from across the region honored by Weatherford College at the 2013 Jack Harvey Academy of Exemplary Teachers celebration on Jan. 25 at the Doss Heritage and Culture Center.

In its 17th year, the Harvey Academy recognizes exemplary teachers in the memory of Professor Emeritus Jack Harvey, who taught at WC for 23 years and was considered among his peers as a “master teacher.

The nine Parker County teachers, and comments made in support of their nominations, are:

• Jessica McCane, high school physics teacher at Aledo ISD.

“Mrs. McCane is exemplary because she combines subject knowledge with the ability to connect with her students. She is a demanding teacher and has very high expectations for her classes; but the students absolutely love her. She has been with our school district for eight years as a teacher and currently serves as a department chair. Jessica is a truly gifted teacher that incorporates new technology into her classroom each day. She has started using a new program to record her lessons and place them online for the students to access after school for additional review. Mrs. McCane is a key faculty member in expanding our technology usage and modeling how it can assist our students outside of our campus.”

• Jamie Whitehead, high school science teacher at Brock ISD.

“Jamie Whitehead is a tireless worker. She gets success out of students when they least expect it. Our science scores and commended levels have improved dramatically under Ms. Whitehead. She loves to teach and it shows.”

• Erin Jones, sixth-eighth grade math teacher at Garner ISD.

“Erin Jones loves math; but, more importantly, she loves teaching math and making math fun and understandable for her students.”

• Marti Hungate, third grade language arts teacher at Millsap ISD.

“Marti Hungate is exemplary because she authentically engages students in the wonderful world of reading. She is a lifelong learner and avid reader that has a passion for learning and imparting that knowledge to students. Mrs. Hungate not only maintains high expectations for herself and her students, but she also does whatever it takes to help her students become successful. She makes every student believe that reading can take you anywhere you want to go.”

• Carla Bruno, high school math teacher at Peaster ISD.

“Mrs. Carla Bruno is exemplary because of her love of and commitment to our students, school, and profession. She leads by example and she is always willing to assist students and colleagues. Her energy and positive attitude are absolutely contagious. Carla Bruno’s dedication and enthusiasm for students is obvious. Mrs. Bruno makes each student feel important; this leads to student success and the confidence to be lifelong learners.”

• Gina Rowney, fourth-grade reading teacher at Poolville ISD.

“Gina Rowney is an exemplary teacher whose dedication to her students is evident in all areas of her teaching. She puts her students first and never fails to reach out to them when they are in need. Mrs. Rowney’s love of teaching is evident in the growth and enthusiasm of her students. She is one of the rare teachers that can instill a desire for lifelong learning in her students. During her years at Poolville, Mrs. Rowney has developed an outstanding fourth-grade reading program that teaches through relevant learning experiences.”

• Cindy Haugen, high school math teacher at Springtown ISD.

“A veteran teacher of 14 years, Mrs. Haugen serves as our department head and upper level math teacher. Her pleasant personality, caring attitude, and professional demeanor all serve to make her one of our students’ favorite teachers. Along with her department chair and teaching duties, Mrs. Haugen also serves as our National Honor Society sponsor. Obviously, this places her in an important leadership role with our ‘cream of the crop’ at Springtown High School. The professionalism and care with which she conducts herself serve to make her a much deserving recipient of this prestigious award.”

• Angie Williams, third-sixth grade science and social studies teacher at Weatherford ISD.

“Angie is one of our own – a Weatherford High School and Weatherford College graduate. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Tarleton State University. She’s been a teacher for Weatherford ISD since 1995 and, for the past 10 years, Angie has taught science. Angie is every principal’s dream teacher. She has a passion for teaching and works to build strong personal relationships with her students to increase the learning that takes place in the classroom.”

• Sue Casey, computer science instructor at Weatherford College.

“Dr. Sue Casey is the pinnacle of a great teacher, one who exemplifies the qualities as an outstanding educator, mentor, and leader. She is a passionate and dedicated educator with a deep commitment to closing the academic achievement gap and helping all of her students achieve at high levels. As an instructor at Weatherford College, Sue worked tirelessly to help her students learn, grow, and achieve their dreams. Dr. Casey is extremely organized. She spends time giving detailed feedback for the assignments in class and online in order to help everyone track their mistakes and learn from them immediately.”

Other 2012-13 honorees of the Jack Harvey Fellowship Awards of Exemplary Teaching were:

• Alvord ISD – Melissa Nivens, grades 9-12, English Language Arts.

• Azle ISD – Jeniffer Shearer, Spanish, grades 9-12.

• Birdville ISD – Katrina Reeves, grades 6-8, Reading.

• Bowie ISD – Shawna Tomlin, grade two.

• Boyd ISD – Nelda Cope, grade five, Math and Science.

• Bridgeport ISD – Kay Short, grades six-eight, ESL.

• Burleson ISD – Cara Beth Fuhrmeister, grades six-eight, Special Ed/Science.

• Castleberry ISD- Jill Matson, grade four.

• Chico ISD – Linda Duck, grades Pre-K-three, Title I Reading and ESL.

• Decatur ISD – Jim Allsup, grades 9-12, Agriculture/FFA advisor.

• Graford ISD – Heather Thompson, kindergarten.

• Granbury ISD –Kristen Thigpen, grade one.

• Jacksboro ISD – Dori Taylor, grades nine-10, English and World Geography

• Joshua ISD – Amy Chestnut, grades K-6, Reading and Math specialist.

• Lipan ISD –Tawn Perkins, grades 10-12, Math.

• Muenster ISD – Jason Atcheson, grades nine-12, Social Studies.

• Palo Pinto ISD – Danna Reed, grade five.

• Paradise ISD – Bethy Tierce, grade two.

• Perrin-Whitt CISD – Jennifer Spelios, grades three-four, English Language Arts.

• Santo ISD – Monica Van Remmen, grades three-four.

• Slidell ISD- Michael Strickland, grades five-eight, Science.

• Stephenville ISD – Ginger Jones, grade three, Math and Science.

• Tolar ISD- Shawna Green, grade three, Math and Science.