Weatherford Democrat

December 4, 2012

Hudson Oaks council talkes logo, branding

Brian Smith
Weatherford Democrat


HUDSON OAKS — Work on a new design and branding for the city continued on two fronts during Thursday night’s Hudson Oaks city council meeting.

City staff have been working with a design firm for several months trying to get a logo council members can agree on. City Administrator Sheri Campbell-Husband said after council had given some general direction during the October meeting on what they wished to see in logo design, staff went back and forth with the design team twice. Campbell-Husband said staff was looking for more specific feedback from the council, which would make the job for the design team easier. 

Mayor Pro Tem Tom Fitzpatrick asked how the new logo would be incorporated into the pair of monuments being placed on medians at both ends of town. Campbell-Husband said the design for the monuments was completed about a year ago and would not be part of the monuments themselves. The city logo would be placed on marketing materials and water towers.

Council members looked at four or five different logos and appeared to not have a clear idea of what they wanted. Council member Dan David said he wanted something simple and stylized.

A couple of the designs had leaves on the end and had the city design shaped like an acorn which those on the dais found confusing.

“If you can’t figure it out within five seconds, it’s not good in my mind,” Fitzpatrick said. 

Campbell-Husband reminded the council that it will take time for people to recognize the new design.

“It won’t be instantaneous. It won’t be an overnight thing,” Campbell-Husband said. “For years, McDonald’s golden arches always had McDonald’s written underneath. Over time, it has become just the arches because people know.”

The council then talked about having a town hall meeting to get opinion, but not votes, from residents. That idea was shot down by David, who said the council needed to make a decision. Council members decided on a block H with an O wrapped around it.

Colors and other details were not decided.

In a related item, work on the city’s medians along U.S. Highway 180 has commenced. Assistant City Administrator Patrick Lawler said that at times, lane closures will be needed to complete the work which is expected to be complete in 2013. He said all construction work will be done at non-peak traffic times and will have just one lane closed in one direction to keep traffic moving as freely as possible.

Lawler said the city is planning to work on both ends of the city first and work on the medians around Walmart last to keep holiday traffic moving. To alert residents to when lanes will be closed, signs will be posted along I-20 and on the city’s website.