Weatherford Democrat

February 9, 2010

Tax time attracts e-mail crooks

Weatherford Democrat

WEATHERFORD — DALLAS — The Internal Revenue Serice warns taxpayers against being fooled by e-mails that appear to be from the IRS about your tax return or refund.

According to the agency, the suspect e-mails could be coming from internet thieves looking to steal personal information, like credit card or bank account numbers.

“Folks have tax refunds on their minds this time of year and that could be handy for con artists,” said Clay Sanford, a Dallas IRS spokesman. “Don’t get hooked by an unsolicited e-mail claiming to be from the IRS, because we don’t send them.”

Similar dangerous e-mails rampaged two years ago when the stimulus checks were announced, but Sanford said fake IRS e-mails can entice you with other false proposals. They could simply state that you are due a refund or anything else to trick you.

Sanford suggested recipients simply delete the email or forward it to the IRS, at