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July 8, 2014

Local guitar students perform at Childbloom recital

Weatherford Democrat


Students from the Childbloom Guitar Program of Parker County recently held their annual summer guitar recital at Couts United Methodist Church in Weatherford recently. The evening’s recital featured about 45 students from the surrounding areas of Parker County including Aledo, Weatherford, Brock and Mineral Wells. Performers ranged in age from 5-17 and included wide range of skill levels from beginners to advance. 

“Recitals are a great opportunity for students to show to their family and friends the progress and achievements made throughout the year,” said Towson, adding that “its just so much fun playing with and watching students on stage have a meaningful connection with the music,” said Childbloom Director Kevin Towson.  

One of the highlights of this year’s recital was the graduation of one of Towson’s longtime students, Townsend Dick, who performed an extended program of solo and ensemble music. Dick has been studying guitar with Towson since 2006. 

When asked about what made him choose guitar, Townsend said, “To me the guitar is one of the most fundamental and most beautiful sounding instruments. Once learned, the music theory and techniques can also be transitioned to many other musical instruments.”

Townsend recalled his early days of learning the guitar, adding, “first I learned how to play simple songs. I was so excited each time I learned a new tune and awed by the beautiful sound made by more accomplished players.”

When asked about graduating students who have been with him so long, Towson said, “It’s very profound to see them go. They leave such a lasting impression on me and some really wonderful memories.” 

“My wife always says to me that I make such a positive impact on the kids, but for me, it’s the other way around. They inspire me to continue teaching and introducing kids to the guitar as well as deepening my own love of music.”

The Childbloom Guitar Program introduces music, through the guitar, to kids averaging in age from 5-12. 

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