Weatherford Democrat

April 17, 2014

Pair charged with assaulting kids

Weatherford Democrat


Two Weatherford teens were arrested last week on charges of chasing down two bicycle-riding children in a car and assaulting them in a church parking lot, where the encounter was recorded.

According to Weatherford police, Megan Rae Trejo, 19, was charged with felony injury to a child for reportedly punching, pushing and pulling the hair of a girl who was younger than 14 years old. The juvenile girl allegedly attempted to defend her friend, who was reportedly being assaulted by Trejo’s boyfriend, Jacob Logan Stone Williams, 17.

Williams was charged with assault causing bodily injury for the attack on the boy, as well, according to police.

After interviewing the suspects, a Weatherford police detective determined that Williams called the juvenile boy a “punk” when the boy rode his bike in front of Williams’ car hours before the assault.

Reportedly, the boy later shouted an offensive name at Williams when the two children pedaled by Trejo’s home, and Williams became angry, getting into his car with Trejo and chasing down the children in the parking lot of a church on North Main Street.

A security video showed the vehicle chase the children into the parking lot and Williams exit the vehicle, chase the boy, knock him off the bicycle and repeatedly strike him in the head before the two struggle on the ground, according to police.

The girl then approached the altercation to defend the juvenile boy, who was on his back on the ground, when Trejo reportedly pushed and punched her, according to Weatherford police.

Williams was released from the Parker County Jail on $2,500 bond and Trejo was released on $10,000 bond, according to jail records.