Weatherford Democrat

April 10, 2014

Police called to report of assault

Weatherford Democrat


South Brazos Street and Live Oak Lane residents reported seeing a significant police presence in their neighborhood late Wednesday night.

Weatherford police said they are investigating a report of an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after receiving a call around 10:30 p.m. from the 1200 block of South Brazos Street.

“A white male reported being assaulted by a known subject with some type of weapon where he was hitting him with it – he didn’t actually shoot him or shoot at it or point it at him or threaten him with it,” CID Sgt. John Rudolph said. “He just assaulted him with it causing an injury, as he reported it.” 

The complainant was transported to the hospital at his own request due to minor injuries to his face and a complaint of pain in his shoulder, according to police.

On-duty officers created a perimeter in the area and attempted to make contact with the suspect by phone but were unable to reach him.

“They decided nobody else was in danger immediately at that moment and they had the victim secured and protected, so they backed out of the area and didn’t continue trying to locate the suspect,” Rudolph said, adding that they believed the suspect had returned to his home, and officers didn’t have enough probable cause to obtain a warrant to enter the house Wednesday night.

“It’s been assigned to a [crimes against] persons detective and he’s going to look into it,” Rudolph said.