Weatherford Democrat

July 12, 2013

Driver speed and seatbelt compliance surveys show improvements

Weatherford Democrat

 Weatherford police officers used grant funding from the Texas Department of Transportation to fund overtime salaries for extra enforcement during the week of the 4th of July holiday.  The extra patrols worked to ensure drivers were complying with posted speed limits, wearing seatbelts, and were not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in an effort to keep our local roadways safe.

 Surveys conducted following the additional overtime showed some improvements in driver compliance with posted speed limits and seatbelt usage when compared to surveys taken prior to the additional overtime.  On average, speed compliance was up 17.37% from the earlier surveys.  Seatbelt usage improved from an average of 86.5% compliance to a 90.44% compliance rate.

 “We are happy to see the improvements made in speed and seatbelt compliance,” said Captain David Smith.  “It is important for everyone to do their part in keeping themselves as well as others safe on our city streets.  Always wear your seatbelts and comply with posted speed limits and always be sure to make arrangements for a designated driver when alcohol is a part of your summer activities,” added Smith.