Weatherford Democrat

October 25, 2012

New River Fellowship to hold groundbreaking Sunday

Sally Sexton

HUDSON OAKS — Since its creation 10 years ago, New River Fellowship Church has opened its doors to residents all over Parker County and even some outside of it.

“Our motto is we want everyone to be here at New River Fellowship, except for the fire marshal,” senior pastor Scott Crenshaw joked.

With a congregation of more than 2,000 each Sunday and four services, Crenshaw and the church saw the need for expansion a few years ago, but wanted to wait until the right time.

“It’s like a child that’s outgrown its clothes,” Crenshaw said. “We’ve been really conservative because of the questionable economic times, and we were careful and really prayed about the process.”

The result will be a new fellowship/worship center, to be constructed where the present parking lot is, and a new parking lot behind the building.

When construction is completed, the current worship center will house youth and children.

“Every Sunday, we’re not just packed,” said Melissa Myers, who has been a church member for two years. “We’re always putting chairs in aisles, and along the back wall.

“We’ve even had to seat people in our foyer.”

Sunday will mark the official groundbreaking of the project, as well as a celebration of the church’s 10 year anniversary. In addition, Sunday marks one year since the church began its fund raising campaign, titled Project 602.

“The idea is that there are around 602,000 residents within a 20-mile radius of us,” Myers said. “Those are the people we want to reach out to.”

Part of Project 602 includes a New River structure in Mineral Wells in the near future.

“Our church has decided that the first place for us to make an impact is in Mineral Wells, where there is a need for churches and hope and positivity,” Myers said.

More details on Project 602 can be found at

Sunday’s ceremony begins at 2 p.m., following the last early service at noon, and church members as well as the community are invited to attend.

“The people of Parker County have been so gracious during our massive growth spurt,” Crenshaw said. “For us to be able to expand into a brand new facility is something we’ve really been waiting for.”

While the new parking lot is near completion, Crenshaw said the new worship center could be finished as early as 12 months from now.