Weatherford Democrat

August 24, 2010

Learning to love the wind through turbines

Sally Sexton
Weatherford Democrat



Loree and Ted Long want to help others conserve on energy.

The couple installs wind turbines, rotary devices much like a windmill that extract energy from the wind.

“We install them at individual homes and businesses, and it helps save on energy costs,” Loree said. “We also have solar panels, solar ventilation systems and solar lights as well.”

Their company, Win-Gen Power, a subsidiary of Loree Long, Inc., was started in December of 2008. While the Longs installed their personal wind turbine in November of that year, they have only recently embarked on the solar paneling aspect.

“We had our [wind turbine] up for three months before we ever tried to sell one,” Loree said. “We wanted to make sure it would do what the company said it would do. 

“We were very pleased with what it did.”

Shortly after, Loree said she started seeing the financial affects of the product.

“My cheapest electricity bill was $9.89,” she said. “We have saved about $100 per month on our bill. 

“These products are things that are going to continue to save money for years to come.”

The company’s original slogan, “Learn To Love The Wind,” underwent a change after the addition of solar paneling. Now, Win-Gen Power boasts that “Renewable Energy Makes Cent$.”

“Everybody needs to do their part to go green and save the planet for the next generation,” Loree said.

There are two main ways to hook the wind turbines up. While some prefer to use a battery, which can be more expensive, others wire the product directly into their breaker box.

“If you wire it into the box, you have to have electricity to make the generator roll,” Loree said. “Should the electricity go off for any reason, there is a cutoff switch next to the meter that needs to be turned off if someone is working on it.

“If the wind generator is going, electricity is still in there.”

While the savings can add up, the amount and time depend on many different factors.

“It all depends on how much wind you have, how conservative you are and how large your home is,” Loree said. “Personally, I’ve taken extra steps, such as adding low-energy light bulbs all throughout the house.”

For more information about Win-Gen, contact the Longs at 817-599-4528, or visit their website at