Weatherford Democrat

June 12, 2014

Continued Parker County Youth Livestock Show results

Weatherford Democrat


Crop Showmanship Results

Mustian, Myla Peaster FFA 1st Junior

Lang, Emery Poolville FFA 1st Senior

Lane, Cameron Brock FFA 2nd Junior

Berry, Blake Peaster FFA 2nd Senior

Lane, Sydney Brock FFA 3rd Junior

Byers, Anarenee Brock FFA 3rd Senior

Lang, Eli Poolville FFA 4th Junior

Ranspot, Dylan Poolville FFA 4th Senior

Story, Shyanne Springcreek 4H 5th Junior


Market Goat Showmanship Results

Haydon, Caroline Brock FFA 1st Junior

Lewis, Makayla Peaster FFA 1st Senior

Haydon, Mamie-Cate Brock FFA 2nd Junior

Sears, Keeley Peaster 4H 2nd Senior

Wisdom, Maci Peaster 4H 3rd Junior

Sears, Kodie Peaster 4H 3rd Senior

Lewis, Makenzie Peaster FFA 4th Junior

Jennings, Casey Poolville FFA 4th Senior

Robinson, Ricki Peaster 4H 5th Junior

Johnson, Carley Peaster FFA 5th Senior


Editor’s note: The above results were submitted through Tuesday. The Democrat will continue to run results as we get them.