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January 13, 2013

Local couple celebrates 50 years of marriage

Weatherford Democrat


MILLSAP – The cold temperatures are not holding back activities on a multitude of fronts in and around our area.

On that note, Mr. and Mrs Ralph Lister are to be congratulated on reaching their 50th wedding anniversary. Mr. Lister is very involved in the DAV chapter that meets in Millsap, and the couple has many friends here. A very nice celebration with many good memories took place in the Lister home.

Ralph and his bride, Mary Lou, met in junior high and have been blessed with a lasting marriage and all that goes with it. Again, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lister on reaching this great milestone

Condolences to the family of Mrs. Sue Huddleston of the Cool community on her passing. Her husband, Roy, preceded her in death and she is survived by her daughters Suroya Haile and Ronda Patterson along with their husbands. She also left behind grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mrs. Huddleston will be greatly missed as she was a bright spot in the lives of all who knew her.

Millsap lost one of our community members with the passing of Mr. Jan Cribbs. He is survived by his wife, Kyle, daughters Kimberly Sawyers and Stephanie Brents, and son Wade Cribbs, and a host of extended family. Jan retired from an outstanding career in law enforcement, and was always a cowboy from the “old school.” He had many friends and was very respected by all who knew him for his hard work ethics, loyalty and helpfulness. Sympathy to his family on their loss.

Members of the Millsap Methodist Church wish to thank everyone who came for their special Christmas Eve service. The building was filled with more than 100 people for the occasion. Their pastor, Jim Sanders, is recovering from surgery and doing quite well. May he have complete healing.

Heard from the Helping Hands/Millsap First Baptist Church Food Pantry and they are in high gear after the holiday with great organization and timely recognition of all of the help that they get. A special thank you is issued from the pantry workers to everyone at Millsap High School for their after Christmas completion of a food drive for the pantry. The school did a great job and the items collected will be of great help!

The Millsap Neighborhood Ladies Home and Garden Club is in the midst of preps for their Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, which will be held at the Millsap Community Center on Saturday, Feb. 9, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The meal is $7 a plate, and all members are selling advance tickets. If you would like to pre-purchase call 940-682-5331. The food and atmosphere are always great, so plan on coming out to this wonderful event.

As many know the Bennett bricks plant, located about nine miles southwest of Millsap, has been out of production since around 2009. There is probability that this may not remain the case as workers have been in the plant for a while now bringing the equipment up to standards for resuming brick making.

While the plant has not made brick in the last few years the office phone lines have always remained available, so let’s hope for production to restart as this will bring jobs in and make the area where the plant is located have more activity around it again.

Jan. 21 is Martin Luther King Day and while Millsap teachers will work the students will have a holiday.

Thanks for reading!