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March 19, 2013

City officials conducting street survey

Weatherford Democrat



Weatherford public works officials have completed a street condition survey to find out what condition city street are in.

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) used a two-fold process to analyze all 160 miles of streets in the city, according to Matt Holmes with IMS. The crew started on the east side of the city by Lake Weatherford Monday and worked its way west. Holmes said the process should be done by the end of the week.

A three-man team, which includes Robert Peters and Crew Chief Dave Rowland, visually inspects the streets and even the alleys, along with laser beams across the front of their truck which rates such things as concrete and overall infrastructure of the street itself. The beams, once calibrated to the city’s individual streets, form a line which rates roads in one of 10 classes which are part of the pavement condition index (PCI) number of the street. 

“The laser really helps us get into the meat of the street itself,” Rowland said. “We can tell infrastructiure, what shape the concrete is in. All that stuff.

The higher the PCI, the better overall condition the street is in, according to Public Works Director Manny Palacios. 

The data from the laser beam is transmitted back to the company’s Arizona offices on a daily basis where a report is put together. Peters said the survey is showing what it shows in many areas: Some streets are in good shape and some aren’t.

“What we’re finding is there is good concrete on these streets,” Peters said. “Most of the arterials are in need of some work, however.”

Once the city gets the data and analyzes the report, Palacios said strategy and prioritization exercises will be done to help the city more effectively budget for road repair. 

“We’ll be able to find out what street need to be rehabbed, have some preventive maintenance done or if crack seal needs to be done,” Palacios said. “This will definitely help with the budgeting process.”

Without a survey like this, which the council approved recently, Palacios said the streets would continue to deteriorate. 

The company is also using video cameras to note all the street signs in the city as well and where they are located. Palacios said this helps with quality control to know where the signs are and what shape they are in.