Weatherford Democrat

September 10, 2013

County judge proposes salary increases

Weatherford Democrat


A 3 percent across-the-board pay raise for non-elected county employees appears to be in the offing for the coming fiscal year, according to a salary proposal introduced Friday by Parker County Judge Mark Riley as part of a proposed fiscal year 2013-14 county budget.

The $675,000 salary and benefits package budgeted — pending final court approval – includes $373,600 for insurance and payroll costs and $301,400 for salary adjustments.

Sixty-seven percent of the increase would go to the sheriff’s department, according to Riley, including a 6 percent increase for patrol deputies and a 5 percent increase for officers involved in investigations and special crimes.

During the current budget year (approved last year), “guns and badges” in the sheriff’s department received a 5 percent increase, while salaries for other rank-and-file employees rose 3 percent.

Riley said the increase for entry-level patrol officers — from $37,947 to $40,226 — would allow the county to compete with the City of Weatherford and other agencies.

The proposal would also increase salaries for custodial employees by 6 percent — from $22,687 to $24,069 — and bump the lowest salaries in auto registration up to $29,000.

Citing expanded duties, Riley also recommended a $52,600 salary — up from $47, 819 — for employee benefits coordinator Jennie Gentry and an increase from $45,974 to $49,534 for public information officer/project coordinator Joel Kertok.

Riley said office manager Sophie Clark will become the new probate auditor when Jeanne Lindsey retires in October, and he plans to make up for most of Kertok’s salary increase by lowering the salary for Clark’s replacement at the front desk.

The court also heard requests from:

• District Attorney Don Schnebly for $4,800 in certification pay for three officers.

Permit and 911 Addressing Department director Kirk Fuqua for $2,000 for computers and $1,500 for contract services.

• Justice of the Peace Judges Lynn Johnson, Kelly Green, Wayne Hayes and Suzie Merkley for $21,488 to upgrade a collection clerk’s expanded position plus consideration of another security officer.

• Extension Agent Jon Green for a $4,520 salary increase for his longtime chief deputy, $2,000 more for 4-H and funds for new tables and chairs.

• IT director Trish Radford for 6 percent salary increases for her two employees, totaling about $5,900.