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February 4, 2014

Beck heads Republican Party’s Reagan Day

Weatherford Democrat


If the Republican Party wants to stay relevant, it has to make some changes back to the right, political commentator and radio host Glenn Beck told a crowd of about 250 at the Parker County Republican Party Reagan Day fundraiser Saturday night. Beck said the [Republican] party has lost its way and needs to get away from the policies of U.S. Senators John McCain and John Boehner and begin following Mike Lee, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

“Right now the GOP doesn’t know what it stands for,” Beck said. “We need to turn things around to the way they used to be.”

During his 53-minute speech, Beck honed in on why he believes the Republican party as a whole is failing and what it needs to do to come back. He said that if the Republican party fails in Texas, it will fail in the U.S. as well.

Beck said part of the problem is that Americans have lost the determination to be free. He focused much of his time on the Constitution and said Americans don’t tend to follow it anymore.

Personal freedom is something all Americans should be fighting for and recent events show they just don’t care, he said.

If Americans had the determination to be free like their forefathers had, they would have “turned the country around in a heartbeat.” The principles the current Republican party hold to be dear have nothing to do with “the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in Beck’s mind.

“If the GOP really believed what it is trying to preach, they would have asked for a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal,” Beck said. “If the GOP really believed what it is trying to preach, they would have asked for a special prosecutor for NSA and Benghazi as well, but they’re afraid they would be called naughty names.”

Beck spent some of his speech talking about artifacts from a number of American heroes, including Marcus Luttrell, subject of the new movie “Lone Survivor.” Beck said Luttrell told him how he fought to be free during his time in Afghanistan.

“Luttrell drew a line in the sand and said he was going to pull himself across that line. He continued to do that for eight miles,” Beck said. “That’s what Americans need to have. That spirit in wanting to be free.”

Beck also showed artifacts from a number of soldiers, including Chris Kyle’s helmet and items from both Audie Murphy and Davy Crockett. Beck asked the crowd what these men had in common.

“They’re all Texans,” Beck said to a round of applause. “As Americans, we need that Texan fighting spirit.”

The political system as a whole in the U.S. is melting down, Beck said, and the biggest culture shift of our lifetimes and perhaps since that of the Civil War is coming ... all because of the Internet.

“You can connect with everyone on the Internet,” Beck said. “You don’t need publishers anymore to get your message out. All you need is a computer.”

Because no one believes anything of what they’re being told anymore, the two-party system in this country no longer works, Beck said. In closing, he praised the state of Texas and its people, saying “there’s something good in the water here.”

“Texans have humility and they stand behind what they know to be true,” Beck said.